Week in Review (Volume 3, Issue 6)

Seth’s Humidor

Week in Review (Volume 3, Issue 6)

The highlight of this week was that every cigar I smoked this week showed perfect construction. From beginning to end, the cigars I smoked this week smoked perfectly in the sense that they had a perfect draw, amazing burn line, and excellent construction in terms of the wrapper being applied. It may not seem like that big of a deal, but you still find so many manufacturers throw out cigars that smoke poorly, and that should not happen. I respect the brand owners and manufacturers who really watch over their products before they leave the factory, and the manufacturers and brand owners who had cigars smoked this week did just that. What a great week of smoking, and some tasty offerings as well. Check it out!

News This Week:

jfr2blunatic2b2-1 Saturday, February 7th, 2015: Casa Fernandez Announces JFR Lunatic

Cigars Reviewed This Week:

viaje2bfriends2band2bfamily2bbel2bair2b2 Monday, February 1st, 2015: Viaje Friends and Family Bel Air hoyo2bde2bmonterrey2bepicure2bde2bluxe2bla2bcasa2bdel2bhabano2bexclusivo2b2

espinosa2bthe2balibi2bbackroom2bseries2b20152b5 Wednesday, February 4th, 2015: Espinosa The Alibi (Backroom Serie 2015) cromagnon2bmode2b5
Friday, February 6th, 2015: CroMagnon Mode 5
 Cigars Smoked This Week:

I began this week with the Lagunas vitola to the new and successful Fume D’Amour line by Illusione Cigars. The line is becoming a personal favorite of mine, and while I prefer the Clementes vitola offering, the Lagunas is a terrific short smoke. It burns wonderfully from start to finish, and it is a solid medium body and strength cigar. With no ligero used in the blend, the cigar delivers flavors of almonds, cedar, soft cinnamon and spice notes, creamy traits, and a nice creamed coffee finish. It is incredibly smooth and above all else, flavorful. Coming in 50 count boxes, this is a smoke that is worth getting in that count, because it can be an everyday smoke and will age wonderfully as well. 


Another Superbowl Sunday cigar, the CroMagnon Mode 5 has been on the market for around 18 months, and is probably the best regular production vitola in the line. It is a nice figurado and shows excellent construction and solid flavors throughout. The CroMagnon line is not my favorite, I am not a Broadleaf guy, but it is a line that does well in the Mode 5 and Venus offerings. The Mode 5 has a nice core flavor profile that shows dark oak, rich earth, spices, and coffee throughout. It is medium-full in body and strength, and this is a cigar I would come back to. I would not have a lot of them around, it is not an everyday or frequent cigar for me, but it is quite enjoyable. 


The newest regular production line from Warped Cigars, and the first line to be created with Casa Fernandez, Flor Del Valle is a nice Nicaraguan puro. It features Corojo ’99 and Criollo ’98 tobacco, and all is AGANORSA tobacco. I smoked the Gran Valle vitola and it is a robusto extra. It shows excellent construction form beginning to end, and it is a solid medium body and strength cigar. The cigar shows wonderful spice, earth, tobacco, and coffee notes, and there are touches of cocoa present here and there as well. It is a cigar I would have frequently if I did not smoke such a variety of cigars, and a nice offering from Warped


If there is a country that is getting a lot of attention right now from boutique brand owners, it is the Dominican Republic. Nicaragua is still the location that most go, but there a wise few that are headed to the DR to start some new brands/lines. One of these companies is La Barba, who headed to the Dominican Republic last year to release their second line, Purple. This multi-national blend is a successful follow up to La Barba Red, and is made at Tabacalera William Ventura. The cigar delivers unique flavors of coffee, minerals, leather, tobacco, and spices, and shows excellent construction with that. I absolutely love this cigar, and look forward to smoking my next. 


A company that is getting a of attention with their new line, HR Habano Maduro, Cubanacan Cigars is a small company out of Esteli, Nicaragua. They have several lines, all produced in small numbers, and one of them is the Soneros Habano Claro. I smoked the corona gorda this week and it is a cigar that shows perfect construction and a nice bit of complexity and depth. It had a flavor profile of of cocoa, coffee, earth, spice, and wood, and is a blend I would come back to down the road. I don’t know what I was expecting going in , maybe a little disappointment, but it delivered a lot of great attributes. 

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