Cigar Shops

Purchasing a cigar can be overwhelming to newcomers and that is why I have listed cigar shops that know what they are selling and how to take care of those cigars. I have listed several vendors below that are in my opinion at the head of the game. Each one of these vendors takes great care of their product before selling it to you, and if shipping it, still take great care of it. headerlogo

  • Atlantic Cigars Located in Stroudsburg, PA, Atlantic Cigars has become one of my favorite cigar shops online. I have never been to their physical retail store, but if it is half as good as their online store I imagine it is great. They offer a huge selection of quality cigars, and are very knowledgeable. They have a close relationship with Casa Fernandez, which is great to hear, and offer wonderful prices on all cigars. They have been in business for over a decade now, and are members of the IPCPR and Cigar Rights of America.


  • The staff at are incredibly knowledgeable and Alex Svenson, their Chief Merchant, has great relationships with manufacturer’s throughout Central America. He spends most of his time down in Central America, and often hand picks the boxes of cigars for, no other stores can do that. You can order online, or call in and talk to an account manager. Whoever you get I promise you they will answer any questions you have, and throw in some free cigars from time to time. A great and reputable cigar company.
Cigars International Downtown Store – Christmas Time
  • Cigars International With two retail stores, and a massive warehouse, they provide cigars for the entire nation along with Bethlehem, PA. With such great relationships with all of those in the cigar industry, they have incredible prices and carry great products. They are my ole’ faithful, and have never let me down. I use to go to their shops when I was living in Bethlehem, PA, and I can tell you that there are no better stores than those.
Empire Cigars
  • Empire Cigars Located in Raleigh, NC, Empire Cigars is a great shop. They have a great selection, and have a great staff. You can order on the phone or online, but if you have the chance, I strongly suggest you visit the store and enjoy a smoke there. They have one of best cigar shops in North Carolina, and definitely the best shop in Raleigh. Whether you deal with Hal or Larry there, you will have a great experience. Empire Cigars is a member of the IPCPR and Cigar Rights of America.
Havana Phil’s Walk in Humidor


Havana Phil’s Humidor for Ultra-Premium Cigars
  • Havana Phil’s Cigar Company Located in Greensboro, NC, Havana Phil’s is a new and upcoming cigar shop. Inside a state of the humidor Phil has a cigar collection for every type of cigar smoker. Along with a great humidor he has a great area for smokers, and a private lounge for member with drinks, TV, Wi-Fi and many more amenities that a cigar smoker might need while enjoying a great cigar. Phil of Havana Phil’s is very knowledgeable and one of the most passionate cigar shop owners I have met. Havana Phil’s is a great cigar shop. Havana Phil’s is a member of Cigar Rights of America, IPCPR and a Certified Tobacconist Retailer.
Milan Tobacco – Padron Event n60129375465_2059992_2784 Owner Dave Meyer in the Milan Humidor
  • Milan Tobacconists If you are ever driving through Roanoke, VA you need to stop into this shop. Absolutely gorgeous and with a great staff, Dave Meyer offers high quality cigars for all shoppers. One of my favorite small cigar shops throughout the East Coast, I love to stop in and smoke an excellent cigar. It will be hard to find a owner that is as kind and as knowledgeable as Dave. Milan Tobacconists is a member of the IPCPR, Cigar Rights of America and a Certified Tobacconist Retailer.
Smoke Inn Proprietor – Abe Dababneh
A Smoke Inn Port St. Lucie, Florida
  • Smoke Inn Cigars With nine locations spread from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Port St. Lucie, Florida, Smoke Inn Cigars is one of the finest tobacco shops in Florida and online. Proprietor Abe Dababneh and staff have a great knowledge and passion for cigars, and this is visible through their inventory. They carry almost every available cigar on the US market, and have wonderful blends made for their own stores. I have always received great cigars from them, and nothing but the best customer service. Smoke Inn Cigars is a member of Cigar Rights of America and is also a member of the IPCPR.
W. Curtis Draper (Downtown D.C.)
  • W. Curtis Draper Tobacconist Located in Bethesda, MD and Washington D.C., I always stop in on the store to pick up some great limited and boutique smokes when in that area. Wonderful atmosphere, and great people, this is a classic cigar shop. Draper’s is a member of the IPCPR and Cigar Rights of America. I always find it great to pick up a cigar in our nations capital. I prefer to pick up a nice robusto, cut it and light in store, and then walk outside and a couple blocks down and smoke it front of The White House.