Cohiba “Red Dot” – Churchill

Cohiba “Red Dot”

It seems only suiting that a cigar company would produce a cigar bearing the name of Cohiba to the American public since we are not allowed the Cuban Cohiba. Though the cigar is not likes its Cuban counterpart it is still rather enjoyable and pleasant in its own. I have explained the history of the Cuban Cohiba brand but I have not explained the origin of the Cohiba name. When Columbus discovered the islands of Cuba and Hispaniola he discovered the local natives, the Taíno people, were smoking tobacco that had been rolled together like a cigar and they called it cohiba. Who knew that a word from the Taíno people would become the most popular name in the cigar industry? When General Cigars launched the Cohiba brand a lot of time and patience went into the cigar because of the name, they were fully aware of the endeavor they were about to endure and because of that went in willing to commit their full capabilities. The Cohiba cigar is made in the Dominican Republic and is made by only the best rollers in the factory. The cigar is draped in a Cameroon wrapper that is dark and rich and has a unique Jember binder from Indonesia. The filler is entirely Dominican and is made up of Piloto Cubano. Piloto Cubano is very rich Cuban-seed tobacco that is grown in the Dominican Republic. I picked up the churchill vitola which measures 7” and has a 49 ring gauge. The cigar has a beautiful dark and toothy wrapper with aromas of wood, caramel and barnyard. It is rolled exceptionally well with no major veins present on the wrapper.

Flavor wise this cigar is not very complex and is very similar throughout, but still enjoyable. Sometimes when the cigar changes flavors it is just changing. Sometimes more is just more. I enjoy the Davidoff Millennium Blend whenever I smoke one and it is consistent throughout.  If you can make a cigar that tastes the same through the whole smoke and stays enjoyable that is great, and this cigar does that. It has wonderful flavors of damp wood, cedar and earth, and it very smooth on your palate. I did pick up hints of barnyard and sweet hay throughout the smoke but overall it stayed in the same realm. It is a medium body cigar that burns incredibly well and evenly as well.  I really loved the draw on my cigar because it wasn’t to lose that the smoke just really hit you. The draw was just tight so that you could control the amount of smoke you wanted and really take your time with it.  

I would give this cigar a 90 rating and its only drawback for me came from my overall impression. I thought the cigar delivered smooth and rich flavors but it was not very complex and I know what the cigar retails for. This is an$18 cigar that I don’t think should be $18. I know a lot of people enjoy this cigar and those people are mostly new to cigars and/or prefer cigars that are not very complex. When I first started smoking I thought very highly of this cigar and smoked it on very special occasions but as my palate has become more sophisticated (maybe) and I have experience tons of cigars I had not really thought about it. If money is no issue and you want something flavor wise along these lines then grab it but I think you can get a much better cigar for the price, heck even three. I feel like I am putting down this cigar and I am going to stop now. This is an incredibly rich and smooth cigar that you will truly enjoy. There is a reason that every retailer carries it, and that is because it sells, and it sells because people always enjoy them.

Cohiba “Red Dot”

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