Cruzado Dantes


Almost three months ago I reviewed the Cruzado Marios, and if you refer to that review, Cruzado Marios by Seth’s Humidor, my review was that the cigar was not great but it was far from poor. I think the line is a little more spicy and “raw” than his others lines but still rather enjoyable. The tobacco in the cigar is entirely Nicaraguan and is composed of Criollo ’98 and Corojo 2006 tobacco. The cigar measures 5″ with a 48 ring gauge it is really nice in hand. The wrapper has a reddish brown color to it and has a wonderful aroma of spice, leather and wood. I must say that I like that the ring gauge is 48. I know that this cigar is technically a robusto, but because of the thin ring gauge it really gives you a little bit more flavor of the wrapper than a typical robusto. I have had a couple of these a few months ago, and I remember them being quite delicious but we will see how this is. The cigar begins showing lots of spices and leather and is definitely full body. The burn is not quite even but it is not burning poor at all. I do take into account the burn in cigars, but to me it is not as big of a deal. As I get into the second third of the cigar the flavors are a little more complex showing some wood notes as well, but overall the cigar is still dominantly leather and spice. I am getting a tiny bit of harshness in the back during this second third, but it is not to over powering and not too unpleasant. The burn has corrected itself in the second third and it is providing a great amount of smoke. The strength is still full body and probably the most full bodied Illusione I have smoked. I just entered the final third now and the cigar is showing the most amount of flavors that the cigar has shown so far. I am getting lots of nuts, coffee, leather, wood and spice and I am wishing that this third was what the whole cigar was like. It burned perfectly from here down to the nub and the smoke was still great. I would give this cigar a 90 rating and I wish I had a couple more to see the differences. This is probably the first one of these cigars that really hasn’t been consistent, but that happens from time to time. When you make a cigar by hand it is not going to be perfect or as close to perfect as possible, but that is why I love it. I think if I was going to pick up this cigar line again I would choose the churchill vitola, but this is still a pleasant smoke. If you want the fullest bodied Illusione Cigar than this is the cigar for you but if you want the most flavorful I would steer you in another direction. Enjoyable cigar but not my cup of tea.