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Litto Gomez Small Batch No. 4 This cigar is a beast. Not only is it a very large vitola, but the cigar carries with it tons of strength and very rich, heavy and complex flavors. I would not recommend this cigar to most out there, and to be honest only a serious cigar smoker could really enjoy it. The cigar shows flavors of dark, damp and rich earth, molasses, lots of spices, nuts and heavy wood. Very full bodied and very full flavored,this cigar is a beast. Every one of these cigars has smoked great for me, and I know they will be doing well throughout the 2012 year.


Quinta do Vale Meão Douro Meandro Made with grapes from their vinery, Quinta do Vale Meão makes one of the finest wines in the Douro Region of Portugal. The wine has tons of great full bodied flavors that will pair well with any steak or heavy meat dish, and is excellent with any full bodied cigar. I look forward to enjoying more bottles from this vintage, and exploring future years as well.