Cusano 18 Double Connecticut – Toro

Cusano 18 – Double Connecticut

A long time ago in a cigar shop far, far away… I enjoyed my first Cusano 18 Double Connecticut. It has been some time since that encounter and before I lit up this smoke I was a little but judgy. In fact, my firs statement was “Double Connecticut, twice the dullness,” but I realize that a comment like that is premature and had to work myself into the “reviewing mode.” I don’t really remember my first experience with Cusano 18 so this will be a great cigar to come back to. As to be expected, the cigar has two Connecticut Shade wrappers on the cigar. One of the leaves is used as a wrapper, and ther other the binder. The filler is all Dominican, but uses three different types of tobacco. They use Dominican Oro filler tobacco that has been aged for 18 years, and they also use San Vicente Olor and Cuban Piloto. The toro vitola in the line is the size I smoked and it measures 6.5″ with a 46 ring gauge. I am looking forward to smoking a Connecticut Shade wrapper that has a thin ring gauge, because I haven’t seen many CT Shade wrappers with a thinner ring gauge. It will be nice to really pick out the flavors of the wrapper. Like most Connecticut Shade wrappers, the wrapper is incredibly silky and has the beautifil goden brown color to it, there are practically no veins present in the wrapper, and it has a wonderful aroma of honey, graham cracker and wood. Upon lighting I am greeted with flavors of hay, wood, cream and spice. It starts off very pleasant for the first half inch. As I get further into the first third, the cigar is medium in body and is burning a little hot. I have tried to see if there is anything I can do to correct this issue but it appears to be the cigar. The cigar burn is perfect, but with it being so hot after each draw the smoking experience is not that enjoyable. When I get into the second third of the cigar the flavors increase some and I am picking up some graham cracker that I got in the aroma from the wrapper along with the hay, wood and cream. The finish is of caramel and spice, but the smoke is still giving some harshness and heat with every draw. It appears that no matter what I do, this cigar is going to burn hot which is really disappointing. I am in the final third now and the flavors have returned from the first third but nothing is wowing me. The cigar is still burning hot, is medium in body, and I see no point in smoking it down to the nub. It didn’t seem to matter what I did with this cigar, it was always burning hot and towards the end I could not even pick up the flavors, it was just burning paper.

I was really disappointed with this cigar, I thought that it would be better tasting and constructed much better than this. After re-reading my introduction I find it entertaining that my orginal opinions were dead on. Now Cusano Cigars are being made by Davidoff, and I have never had this problem with any of the Davidoff smokes. I don’t know, maybe Cusano Cigars is diminishing in populatiry, so they are not putting as much time and quality into production, but this cigar was not that great. I remember some time back when Cusano Cigars were somewhat popular and really in, but I guess that time has passed. I am not going to give it a rating, but I can tell you that it was not above an 85. I wouldn’t spend money on this cigar and if you want a mild Connecticut Shade wrapper cigar I would go with a Perdomo Champagne, anything with the name Davidoff on it, 5 Vegas Gold, Pinar Del Rio Classico, Gran Habano Connecticut #1 and last but not least La Aurora Preferridos Tubos Sapphire.

Cusano 18