Cusano 59 Rare Cameroon – Churchill (old band)

Cusano 59 Rare Cameroon (old band)

If there is one cigar wrapper in the industry that I am never to sure of, it is the Cameroon wrapper. I have had some cigars with Cameroon wrappers that are great and some that are bad. The leaf itself is very difficult to work with because of its delicate texture and in the blending process. Most everyone who has smoked a cigar has had a Cameroon wrapper whether they know it or not, but to make things more complicated there is a difference in authentic Cameroon wrappers and not. Most of the time the manufacturer will tell you it is an authentic Cameroon wrapper but does it mean it will be a great cigar? Some of the best Cameroon wrapper cigars I have had are La Aurora’s but Rocky Patel has a great Cameroon wrapper cigar that he sells in bundle as well. One of the most recent releases with a Cameroon format is the Cusano 59 Rare Cameroon.

The cigar features a genuine West African Cameroon wrapper in a cigar that is medium-full in body. Like all Cusano Cigars the cigar has two wrappers, the outer being Cameroon and the inner one being a Dominican Sun-grown wrapper. The binder and filler tobacco are all Dominican and feature some of the best Dominican tobacco. The cigar was originally designated the number 59 because Joe Chuisano, the brother of Mike who founded Cusano cigars, was born in that year. Since both brothers are no longer with Cusano Cigars and it is owned by Davidoff the name has remained the same but the packaging is different. I imagine the blend will remain the same if not be better, because Davidoff does wonders with cigars. I have smoked this cigar before and have somewhat a recollection of what it is like but I am going in with no assumptions. I picked up the churchill size to smoke and it measures 7″ with a 50 ring gauge. With Cameroon wrappers I tend to pick up a smaller ring gauge and the reasons for that is because I want to get as much of the wrapper in the flavor profile as I can. The 50 ring gauge is the smallest gauge in the line so why not pick up a churchill over a robusto, it is summer time after all.

Holding the cigar in hand it has a fine wrapper that is not very toothy but incredibly oily. There are very few veins present in the cigar with some small water spots in the wrapper. Water spots usually leave almost a white spot in the wrapper and that is from where rain water has been sitting on the leaf and damaged the chlorophyll in the leaf, because of this it affects the curing process. I know a man who calls that “angel’s kisses.” I find it very entertaining and when I say that in front of others they look at me like “are you okay?” The aroma of the cigar is pleasant giving off hints of nuts and toast, with a spicy sweetness to it as well. Upon lighting the cigar I am greeted with a pronounced lemon peel aroma that is accompanied by sweet wood. Further into the first third I begin to get notes of apricots and nuts that pair wonderfully with the wood and lemon from earlier on. As I enter the second third the apricot and nut flavors are still present but I am also picking up heavy spices and earth. The cigar is really showing great flavors and is burning incredibly well. The cigar is a lot different then what I remember it being, better. With the final third the cigar begins to show lots of earth and wood notes with a nice spice level to it. The cigar is definitely medium in body and one of the fullest Cameroon wrapper cigars I have had. I think having a double wrapper on the cigar really gives it much more flavor and depth and prevents any one flavor from overpowering another. Great churchill. What a wonderful cigar this cigar was. I found it was packed with nice flavors and a great body that is perfect for the summer time. I am not sure if the blend has changed since Davidoff has started making them or not but I am loving this smoke. This is an 89 point cigar and a great value at the same time. If you are a big Cameroon wrapper fan then I would reach for this cigar next time you enter your shop or make an online purchase, you will not be disappointed. Cusano Cigars really makes a great amount of smokes and every time I potentially rule them out I grab for one of their smokes and understand why I continue smoke them. Whether you prefer full bodied or mild cigars they have something for everyone, and each cigar is packed with great flavors.

Cusano 59 Rare Cameroon Churchill

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