Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic – 1979

Don Pepin Garcia makes tons of cigars, some bare his name and some don’t, but I believe one of his best is the Cuban Classic and the great thing about the Cuban Classic line is that it is also one of Don Pepin’s most affordable cigars. The cigar is made in Esteli, Nicargua and a Nicaraguan puro and is covered with a Habano Rosado wrapper and like all of his cigars the cigar is triple capped.  The cigar is beautiful to look at with a silky wrapper that is flawless and has wonderful aromas of leather, cedar, cherries and white pepper.

Cuban Classic 1979

This cigar starts out with tons of pepper and is accompanied by notes of roast coffee, cedar and leather. The first third is a bomb on this cigar and keeps getting stronger but if you can make it through it you are in the clear. Don Pepin is incredible at blending and keeping your palate guessing and this cigar truly puts it to the test. I have had tons of full bodied smokes in my time but they tend to lack the finesse that this cigar possess. When the second third begins notes of wood remain but I begin to pick up lots of spiced peaches in the flavor. Stone fruit is a sign of great flavors in a cigar and with it can add so much to the smoke. The white pepper begins to emerge towards the end of the second third and when I reached the final third the flavors grow even more. Dark cherries begin to become very present towards the end and is accompanied by lots of cedar and allspice. The cigar burned even all the way towards the end with no need to relight and was only hot when burning my fingers on the nub.   

Cuban Classic

I love this cigar and it truly is a Classic. It is in some ways similar to some Cuban cigars but I like to think it is unique in its own ways. I give this cigar a 92 and think this is a cigar you can enjoy now or even age it and enjoy later. I have had this stick for several years now and it is always consistent in flavor and body. I don’t really believe that there are tons of cigars that can truly be aged for sometime and still be great but this is one of them. This is a cigar that has everything you could want in a cigar and at the same time not kill your wallet. If you haven’t tried this smoke then it is about time you do because once you do you will think nothing but the world of it.

Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic –