Don Pepin Serie JJ Maduro Selectos


JJ Maduro

If I recall correctly, this was Don Pepin’s first maduro and also probably one of the only in his brand. Similar to most of his cigars, the JJ Maduro is a Nicaraguan puro. The wrapper is a Corojo wrapper that has undergone the maduro process. The Selectos is the robusto vitola in the line measuring 5″ with a 50 ring gauge. The JJ line is noted to be his line that gets the most rare and highest quality tobacco. When these first came out, I remember the debate amongst my cigar friends in which is better, the JJ or the JJ Maduro? It was around 50-50, but I preferred the Maduro. I have been smoking these cigars for a couple of years now, and they are still the same as they were when they first came out. Don Pepin has begun taking on my contracts to make cigars for brand owners, and though some say he is losing quality in his cigars, I wouldn’t completely agree. This is a full body cigar, but because of the wrapper and the blending it is not over powering. The cigar has a perfect wrapper that was very dark and oily and the triple cap was placed perfectly. Upon lighting you are greeted with lots of pepper and other spices, but it is balanced by nice cocoa notes with some sweet cedar characteristics. Although this cigar does not change much dramatically from the get go, it doesn’t need to. The cigar had a nice flavor, and it burned very well with no issues. I find these cigars to be a little too pricey for the cigar, but it is still rather enjoyable. I give this cigar an 89, and although it is not mind blowing, it is relaxing.

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