E.P Carrillo Core Line Club 52

Club 52

This is really just a quick review, but I recently had the Club 52 size of the Core Line by E.P. Carrillo and found that this cigar was much better than its smaller version, the Encantos. The cigar is identical in composition to the other but it comes in a bigger format. The Club 52 has a ring gauge of 52 and measures 5 7/8″. It is basically a shortened toro but still falls in the corona gorda category. The cigar displayed wonderful aromas of leather, hay and barnyard and is beautiful in hand. I found that the flavors in this cigar were a lot more up front than the other and I was able to pick lots of coffee beans and caramel along with lots of wood and leather notes. It was definitely fuller in body and burned incredibly well. When I got towards the nub it was still burning cool so that was a definite perk over the other.

I would have to give this cigar a 92 and think that it is the leader of the pack in the Core Line so far. I love the cigars E. P. Carrillo is making and this is definitely a sign of good work. I am wondering looking at the ring gauge size that I am not a huge fan of the leaf he used for the wrapper so next time I am going to grab the Regalias Real which measures 5 5/8″ with a 46 ring gauge, a true corona gorda. If you haven’t tried this line yet you need to.