E.P. Carrillo Elencos Series – Acto Mayor

Elencos – Acto Mayor

Well, I have finally completed my review of the Elencos Series by E.P. Carrillo and let me tell you that this line is impeccable. If you want a cigar that deliver incredible flavors with a great body look no further. This is one of the most complex cigar I have had in some time and every bit of it was enjoyable. As I have mentioned in my earlier blogs on the line, the cigar was made into standard production after having the Edicion Limitada 2010 be so revered and wanted in high demand. I can say that every cigar I have had in this line has been enjoyable and worth every penny. Like the rest of the cigars the cigar features a Brazilian Habano wrapper with a Dominican binder, and fillers from Nicaragua. The torpedo measures 6 1/4″ with a 52 ring gauge. The torpedo is just incredible, it is rolled perfectly with no visual faults in the wrapper, and has a wonderful aroma of caramel, leather and coffee beans. The torpedo begins very smooth showcasing wonderful flavors of wood, dark chocolate, coffee and citrus notes. I would say the body is around medium, possibly fuller, but it is so smooth and balanced that it can be deceiving. As I enter the second third the wood remains prominent with rich earth present and a finish of caramel. This cigar is just kicking butt with tons of great flavors. I was reading up on other peoples thoughts of the cigar and found that some were saying this cigar is a “last cigar of the day.” It just really conquers your palate and afterwards you won’t be able to really handle anything else. I would say that this cigar is so good you won’t want to smoke anything else afterwards. This is a cigar where I could understand a smoker saying “I just smoke these cigars because they are what I love in a cigar, and I don’t need anything else.” I usually look perplexed when someone says that but I understand this circumstance. I am in the final third now and there is a lot of earth and leather present with some orange peel, and it has a caramel and coffee bean finish. Great smoke that as just beautiful in all ways. Having no smoking problems with this cigar, the construction being beautiful with wonderful flavors it is hard not to give this cigar a high score. This cigar easily gets a 95 rating in my book and in my opinion one of the best new releases. Looking at the three sizes in this line it is hard to pick out which one dominates. Most likely I would just say choose which size you like the best or how much time you want in a smoke. If you like torpedoes grab the Acto Mayor, if you like smaller cigars gran the Don Rubino and larger ring gauges grab the Elites. This is really a great cigar and definitely box worthy. I wouldn’t smoke this everyday but I would definitely make it a weekly smoke. I can tell you now that this cigar will be in my Top 10 of 2011, no doubt.   

Acto Mayor

Available at Havana Phil’s, Milan Tobacconists, W. Curtis Draper and Empire Cigars