Felix Assouline Cigars: The Company and The Online Store

6d01bad188da42610f56ab894932f457-1 If you attended the 2013 IPCPR you would have come across a booth at the show which was run by a company named Felix Assouline Cigars. They are a company that is new to the industry in name, but led by an individual who has been in the industry for years now. As you can guess, the company is run by Felix Assouline, and he is an individual who has manufactured cigars and owned a retail store over the past 15 years or so. With his return to the trade show he resurrected some older lines of his while launching new ones. Along with that, he is actually representing a line that is from Benny Gomez. The company currently has four distinct lines on the market, and they are a company on the rise working their way into cigar stores across the country.

I had the opportunity to speak with their Vice President on the phone last week and found out some interesting bits of information on the company. Unlike a lot of companies right now, they have their own rolling factory, tobacco fields and even box making factory. They are practically a vertically integrated company, and right now that is the best thing to be. They have tobacco fields in Honduras and their factories are located in Esteli, Nicaragua. Their blends are mixture of Honduran and Nicaraguan tobacco and all cigars they offer are box-pressed. The four lines currently on the market are EGO, Ringo, Something Special and Havana Sunrise Reserve. EGO is one of the lines that is currently being resurrected as it was rated a 90 in SMOKE Magazine in 2006.

I will be getting reviews up of the cigars soon, but I will say that that if you are interested in picking up some of these cigars you have a lot of options. The first thing you can do is visit their site and give them a call to find the closest retailer to you. If that is out of the question though, you can order online. They currently offer all of their lines online and you can get the cigars in singles or box purchases. This is a new direction that some manufacturers are taking and I like the approach. For a lot of guys, it gives us the opportunity to try a smoke that we could not get at our local store. Along with that, it helps get the name out for the company. There are so many stores that are packed with cigars that you can’t find anything in the humidor when you walk into it, so why bring something new in? With retailers not being able to bring in any new lines because there is no room, manufacturers like this offer you the opportunity to enjoy their cigars without having to track down the closest retailer.

Check these guys out and keep your eyes posted for my first review of a cigar by Felix Assouline.   

Link to Felix Assouline Cigars