Great article

So I just red a great article in Wine Spectator by Matt Kramer. Matt Kramer is a great writer. I love his work and I tend to find that he writes the truth when it comes to a lot of things as well, whether we want to hear it or not. The article in which I am writing about is called The Dirty Little Secret, and in it he talks about how the greatest issue when drinking wine. He believes that most people think that when they have a nice wine, what should they pair it with? The bigger question is, who should they share it with? I know it sounds to awful to say that, but he has a fair point. I have plenty of nice wines and wonderful cigars, but I am not going to share my best stuff with everyone. Kramer, goes on his article to reference accounts he has from friends where they serve wonderful bottles, and watch them go to ruins. In one case, someone served a  1986 Mouton-Rothschild and a guest proceeded to add ice cubes to it. (Rotshchild is an estate from Bordeaux, and is recognized for making some of the finest reds in the world.) On my wedding day, I opened up my humidor’s to my groomsmen and best man and told them to pick whatever they wanted, and they grabbed some great smokes, and I wanted to share them with them. I don’t regret making that decision at all, I don’t care. Would I do this at anytime though? No, because I don’t even smokes those cigars often, but it was my wedding day! The same goes for wine, my wife and and I keep our nicest wines in our wine cooler, and we don’t drink those often. Yes, we would share a nice bottle of wine with someone who would really treasure it, but otherwise I know we wouldn’t.

I know I come off as a snob in this article, but I hope you would do the same with your cigars and wine. I would like to clarify that my wife and I would never give you a bad bottle of wine or cigar, but just keep the best stuff for a very special occasion. I would probably even go to say that I don’t own a bad cigar, but it might not be to your tasting. I can’t say the same for all our wines though, because there are some I have not had. In the end I know it is just a bottle of wine and a cigar. But if those things are your passion, and it is not an object like a movie, which everyone can enjoy over and over again, save that for yourself and treasure it.