Gurkha Blue Steel

Gurkha Blue Steel

Derek Zoolander – Blue Steel

The Gukhra Blue Steel, not to be confused with Derek Zoolander’s patent look Blue Steel, is truly a boutique cigar. Although Derek is an incredible model, I am going to have to give the winning hand to Gurkha with Blue Steel. Now there is a difference between a boutique cigar and a boutique cigar company. A boutique cigar, is a cigar that is made with very limited tobacco, and is a one time thing. Boutique cigar companies is hard to define. There are differences in opinions on qualifications to be a boutique cigar company. I was going to go into it more, but decided to make a blog about it. It is way too long to talk about for such a short time. Blue Steel is a limited cigar production, with only 50,000 cigars ever being made. I know 50,000 sounds like a lot, but with cigar production it isn’t.  Gurkha is noted for making lots of limited smokes, he buys a lot of small batch, high quality, and high price tobacco that no one else does, and makes cigars with them. It is really entertaining for a cigar smoker, because there is always something new and unique. If you ever do fall in love with one of his smokes though, I would splurge, because they probably won’t be around long.

The cigar is covered in a toothy Costa Rican Jaltepec maduro wrapper, one of the most expensive leaves on the planet. Underneath the cigar, it is packed with extensively aged tobaccos from Colombia, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Upon lighting you are greeted by rich flavors that are very mellow because of the age on the tobacco. It is a very toasty, woody, and earthy cigar, with some occasional hints of coffee. I didn’t find it overly complex, but it remained very balanced, flavorful, and smooth throughout. I would say this cigar is simple, but not in a bad way, it is very enjoyable and relaxing. I would give this cigar an 89, and it is a great value. 

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