Illusione ~2~ And Crowned of Thorns


I thought it appropriate to follow up my Cruzado review with an Illusione review. I find it pointless to review a cigar and give it a poor review so I figured I would light up another Illusione Cigar that was great. I don’t want to write reviews on poor cigars, so there are times when I don’t write a review because certain cigars have not impressed me. The Illusione brand is an incredible brand and I think every vitola in the line is incredible. It utilizes Corojo ’99 and Criollo ’98 tobacco and is a Nicaraguan puro. The ~2~ is not a torpedo, even though looking at the picture and name, but rather a belicoso. The cigar measures 5 1/4″ with a 52 ring gauge and has an incredibly dark wrapper. The name is pretty given, but if you have questions you can refer to the Illusione website, Illusione Cigars. The aroma of the cigar is very rich and heavenly showing lots of cocoa, leather, earth and espresso. I am picking up some stone fruit in the background but it is very subtle. It is a very firm cigar and the draw is perfect after the cut. As I begin the cigar it begins very full flavored and full bodied. There is definitely a lot of spice present, but there is also notes of chocolate, earth, cherries and leather. It is very complex and has a wonderful body. The second third remains as flavorful as the first third but has lessened in body and is a little more complex in flavors. I am getting an elegant finish to the cigar and the flavor is very difficult to pick up. The cigar is producing a lot of smoke and is burning perfectly. In a lot of ways, this cigar is reminding me of a Cuban Ramon Allones. I am in the final third of the cigar now and the strength has returned and the flavors are very dark and flavorful. I am picking some tobacco notes up front, but it finishes with hints of dark cherries, leather, cocoa and spice. I would say this third of the cigar is not as complex as the second but it is definitely more full in body. The cigar is still burning very well and I am able to blow some incredible smoke rings. This was really a great cigar and a great follow up to my last review. I give this cigar 94 points and I am about to light up another one of these. I think the Illusione line is so flavorful and blended so well that you can’t go wrong with any size, but I think the ~2~ is definitely my current favorite vitola. I love the belicoso format and this is a classic belicoso. With a wonderful price range and incredible flavors I don’t think there are many cigars that can compete with this line and I know that I will always have these in everyone of my humidor, and will always pick on up in a cigar shop. We should all thank Dion Giolito for these great smokes.