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1502 Ruby

In 1502 Christopher Columbus embarked on his fourth and final voyage to the New World from Spain. The voyage took him past the northern end of the Windward Islands, through the Leeward Islands, along Hispaniola and Jamaica  past Cuba and all the way to the coast of Central America. While sailing along the coast he explored inland some ways, and one present country in which he did so was Nicaragua. Global Premium Cigars took the name 1502 to honor the exploration of Columbus and his finding of Nicaragua. It was during this voyage the Columbus was told that there was another great ocean on the other side of Panama, and it was then that he discovered he was no where close to where he thought he was. That is neither here nor there, actually hysterical, but with that let us talk about 1502.
The 1502 Series is a part of Global Premium Cigars, and is their first set of line. There is the Emerald, Ruby and Black Gold. All three lines are different blends in the filler, and use different primings for the wrappers in each line. The series comes in a variety of box pressed vitolas, and they have a semi closed foot to each cigar. For this review I chose the Ruby offering, and smoked the robusto offering which was 5″ with a 50 ring gauge. The cigar is composed of Nicaraguan fillers and binder, and utilizes an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. There is an emphasis on the use of Jalapa tobacco in this cigar, and I am a huge fan of that region. The cigar is smooth and silky in hand, and there is a nice bit of oils present on the wrapper. It is showcasing some few veins and is nicely box pressed. The cigar has a lovely dark Colorado wrapper, and it is near Colorado Maduro in coloring. There is a lovely aroma to the cigar, and it is rich, cocoa, earthy, spices and nuts.     

Nice press and wrapper

As I light up the cigar I notice the wonderful Nicaraguan tobacco flavor profile. There is a lovely light spice flavor that is prominent in the cigar, and I am also picking up some white pepper notes with that. With the spices I am picking up some great cedar notes to the cigar, and there are some nice hay notes present with that. There are some faint nut and herbal notes with the smoke and then a finish of cocoa notes. The cigar is producing a nice burn line, fairly even, and it is producing a nice charcoal ash that is firm on the cigar. With that solid construction is a great draw that produces a good amount of smoke and a strength level around the medium to medium full level. Overall this is a very enjoyable first half to the cigar, and it is showing the wonderful qualities you for in a cigar. When I get into the second third of the cigar I find the flavor profile to be fairly similar to the first, but there are some nice additions with that. The light spices and pepper notes are definitely noticeable throughout the cigar, and I would say it has that Nicaraguan spice flavor to it. There are a nice bit of nutty flavors present in the cigar, and with that there is an emergence of coffee notes. There are still those wonderful cocoa notes with herbs and hay notes. The flavor profile is really that of Nicaraguan tobacco, and there is a nice uniqueness added to the cigar with the Ecuadorian wrapper. The construction in the second third of the cigar was still top notch with the first third, and there is that lovely burn line with the cigar that has a solid charcoal colored ash. It smokes cool all the way through, and the balance of strength and flavors is very enjoyable.

Smoking well

In the final third I found the flavors to be very similar to that of the second third, and while it is not growing in complexity, it is keeping that already complex flavor profile that is very enjoyable. The soft spice and white pepper notes have remained common throughout the third, and there is a lovely richness showing up with that. Overall the core flavors of cocoa, rich earth and spices are at the forefront, and on the finish there is a lovely bit of cedar, hay and herbs. The cigar burns wonderfully to the nub, and it keeps that great charcoal ash. The strength of the cigar finishes at a medium full level, and on the last draw it is cool and flavorful. From beginning to end this cigar was a classic example of those Nicaraguan flavors most people love, and it is the spices that I really enjoy and the flavors with Jalapa tobacco.  
For reading what the price is on this cigar I can safely say that it is an incredible value. I don’t judge the cigar based on the price, but I am telling you that this is a deal for what you are getting. There is a nice complexity to the cigar, great construction and more importantly a very enjoyable cigar to have. I have yet to try the other offerings in the 1502 brand, but in the meantime I would definitely recommend this cigar to those who asked about it. The company is having their cigars distributed by Emilio Cigars, along with other companies, and it is as if they are distributing some incredible boutique smokes. I believe that this company will grow in popularity as those experience the cigar, and at this price I see that happening rather quickly. I give this cigar a solid 90, and look forward to smoking the Emerald as well.

1502 Ruby Robusto

* Cigar for this assessment provided to me by Global Premium Cigars for review.