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When I hear the name hooligan the first thing that comes to mind are the football fans of Europe. When I say football I mean football and not American football. After that it makes me think of the British film Green Street with Charlie Hunnam and Elijah Wood. From there you have green and hooligan and we know have the Alec Bradley Black Market Filthy Hooligan. This is the newest release from Alec Bradley and was released just this month. The cigar is the first candela from Alec Bradley and is released with the intention of St. Patrick’s Day. Candela wrappers are not the most popular on the market these days, but there is a group of hardcore smokers who like to smoke them from to time. The cigar originally was going to be named Dirty Hooligan but it was changed to Filthy after discussing potential conflicts with Drew Estate.

candela action

The Black Market Filthy Hooligan is a limited release from Alec Bradley, and will be limited to 2,000 boxes. It will be released in a single vitola, a 6″ by 50 ring gauge toro, and comes in 22 count boxes. I have heard that the blend is fairly similar to the original Black Market, but tweaked slightly. The cigar features filler tobacco from Panama, Nicaragua and Honduras, more Panama than before, and a double binder that is Honduran and Nicaraguan. The wrapper is candela, country not specified, but is grown by Nestor Plasencia. They have stated that the wrapper is cured in Nicaragua so it is possibly Nicaraguan. In terms of coloring I would say the candela has your standard candela coloring, a faded green. It has fairly smooth texture with bits of veins and few imperfections popping occasionally. The wrapper has an aroma that is of grass and hay, and at the foot I am picking up some tobacco, earthy, woody, hay and grass notes.


The first third begins by showing some major depth. There is a nice bit of earthy and spicy notes to the cigar, and those notes are the primary flavors. There are some nice wood and hay notes showing with the cigar as well, and it has that classic grass and citrus quality to the cigar showing up as well. I am picking up some definite pepper notes with the cigar, and it is a rounded candela. The strength level to the cigar is above the medium note, close to the medium full aspect, and it is a candela with some character. The burn line to the cigar is a little wavy, it is not perfect, but it is producing a great charcoal colored ash that is holding on firmly to the end. It has a great start to begin with and I am looking forward to the remaining two thirds.

Awesome secondary band

When I get into the second third I begin to get a lot more flavors with the cigar that I find with some colorado cigars, and it is showing some solid tobacco notes and bits of earth as well. The spicy, wood and hay notes are still very present with the cigar and of course there are those great lemon and grass notes to the end. It is definitely a unique candela and I like the flavors tremendously. The burn line on the cigar has gotten a lot better in the second third, and I would say it is burning almost perfectly in this third. The strength level of the cigar has reached a medium full in this third, and you can really pick up a lot more flavors in this third that are less candela like. The cigar is burning wonderfully in this third and with the transition I am digging this smoke.

Firm ash

I am in the final third of the cigar now and the flavors are returning to what I felt they were like in the first third and there is a rise in that candela quality again. The lemon, hay and grass notes have really popped in this third, and they are being complimented by the pepper and spice notes again. The tobacco and wood notes are adding some solid compliment flavors to the cigar rounding it out and it has a terrific finish. The strength level is finishing closer to the medium to medium full degree in this third now and it is finishing wonderfully. The burn line is remaining perfect as it was in the second third and the ash is still that great charcoal color. The last draw on the cigar is cool and flavorful, and all are signs of a great cigar.

Filthy Hooligan

I believe that there are two candela varieties on that market today. The first is that classic candela. This is the candela that has been produced in this manner for quite sometime. it is a cigar that is light in body and has that green, citrus and hay like flavor profile. The second is the boutique style, and that is what you see with illusione and Viaje. That style has those candela flavor profiles with that Nicaraguan base that makes it stronger and almost non-candela like. The Filthy Hooligan is a cross between those two, and captures those boutique and old school qualities. I would say it is more of a modern day mainstream candela, and that is a compliment. I believe that it is a candela many will enjoy if and when they try it, and I hope that a lot of smokers keep an open mind to the cigar. It possessed a solid strength level along with a great flavor profile and had some solid construction as a cigar. I know I will be smoking many of these and holding on to some as well. I give this cigar an 88-89 and was thoroughly impressed. It did not have that beautiful candela coloring that the Viaje St. Patrick’s Day Candela 2012 had, but there are few that do.

Filthy Hooligan
Filthy Hooligans