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Behike Band

Completing the triumvirate of the Behike’s is the 56. Much larger than the other two the 56 is a monstrous smoke. The cigar is a massive 6 1/2″ with a 56 ring gauge and heavy in my hand. The wrapper on the cigar is a beautiful light chocolate brown color with the impeccable triple cap and pigtail. The Behike line has been a huge hit and the 52 and 54 have been great and I look forward to the 56.  For more information on the Behike line see my previous posts, BHK 54 and BHK 52 Looking over the cigar, I can see no issues with the wrapper. It is constructed perfectly and the aroma from the wrapper is of wonderful cocoa and cedar. The draw was very easy and cool giving the ring gauge of the cigar and I was no expecting any smoking problems throughout. The burn has a little bit of issues throughout, but nothing dramatic. Right upon opening, the cigar has lots of tea and nutty notes, and open up into some intense coffee flavors about a third of the way in. From the halfway point, you remain to have those flavors but a macaroon flavor begins to emerge and is very pleasant. Towards the last third, the flavor became a little dull and those previous flavors faded away. Overall, I was not as impressed with the cigar as I hoped it would be perform a lot more than it did. Looking at my ratings, the construction and smoke appearance carried it a long way, but it was in the last third when the cigar was at a crucial point that it began to have its demise. I give this cigar an 87, and hope that it will age well, but currently disappointing. 

Cohiba BHK 56

Looking at all the cigars I smoked this week, the Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 1 took the gold and I was a little surprised. I thought I picked up some great smokes, and they are, but the Juan Lopez is just a consistent and flavorful smoke. Just goes to show that just because it is pricey, it does not mean it is the best. Of course, these are my opinions.