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Edición Limitada 2012

Well, another year has arrived and with that another installment to the  Edición Limitada series by E.P. Carrillo. This is the fourth year of the installment, and each year has produced a wonderful smoke. E.P. Carrillo has been on a role since they began in 2009, and I will say that they grown on me more and more each year. I believe that they are in the top five of current manufacturers right now, and that is because they have an incredible core line and great limited edition smokes. Their blends are complex and enjoyable, and besides having wonderful construction they have an excellent price point as well. With all of that being said, let us begin talking about the Edición Limitada 2012, and another new wonderful blend by E.P. Carrillo.

Every year the Carrillo Family releases this limited edition smoke, and each year the cigar is completely different from the year before. They use tobacco from all over with these cigars, and with that we also see a fluctuation between Habano, Oscuro and Maduro wrappers. This year we saw the release of their first limited edition smoke that utilizes an Oscuro Maduro wrapper that is Connecticut Broadleaf. Underneath that are Brazilian Habano binders with a blend of Nicaraguan fillers. Like all years the cigar is offered in one vitola, and this year it is offered in a gordo format measuring 6.5″ with a 56 ring gauge. The release is limited to 1,500 boxes, and all are ten count boxes. The cigar is rolled wonderfully and very firm, and like all cigars coming out of Tabacalera La Alianza S.A., it is rolled in the Cuban manner and finished with a triple cap. There is a leather texture to touch, and the coloring is this solid dark chocolate. There are some wonderful aromas of raisins, chocolate, rich earth, spices, leather and wood at the foot, and I am looking forward to this smoke.


As I light up the cigar I am greeted by the wonderful rich flavors from the filler and wrapper. There is a nice bit of coffee to begin with, and as I move forward I begin to pick up some earthy notes with leather, subtle spices. There are some soft cocoa notes showing up throughout as well, and there is this natural cream finish to the cigar that pairs with the cocoa notes wonderfully. The first third is burning wonderfully, and I am getting a razor sharp burn line with a solid charcoal ash. The ash is somewhat flaky, but also firm. The strength overall of the cigar is above the medium body level, and I would say is close to medium full. It is a great Maduro, because it is focused on richness and flavors while not trying to be overpowering with strength.

Oscuro Maduro Connecticut Broadleaf

When I get into the second third of the cigar I find the flavor profile to be fairly similar to the first third but there is a great addition to the flavors with that. The coffee notes are still prominent with creamy wood flavors, and there is a nice light spice flavor profile following that. I am still getting some earthy notes with cocoa and the finish is showing some orange rind flavors. I was reading the review of my good friend Cigar Coop when I was in this third, and I started smiling when I got to his mention of citrus flavors because it was like we were both right there in terms of the flavors. I am finding the strength of the cigar to be right at that medium full level in this third, and the cigar is still performing wonderfully in construction. The burn line is razor sharp, and the ash is that solid charcoal color and holding on firmly. 

Burning like a champ

I am in the final third of the cigar now, and it is really continuing to rock. The flavor profile is off the chart, and I am seeing some fruit flavors emerge in this third. There are still some lovely leather, coffee, cocoa and orange rind notes showing up in this third as the major flavor profile, but there is a nice wood and spicy finish to that, and it is in there that I begin to pick up some fruity/berry notes. The construction in this final third is still top notch, and it is burns razor sharp down to the nub. The ash has been that solid charcoal coloring ash, and while it has been flaky from time to time here and there, it has held on to the cigar firmly. The strength of the cigar on the finish is at that medium full level, and at the nub it is a cool smoke and very flavorful.  

Beautiful cigar

I thought this was a great release, but I am always impressed with the releases from E.P. Carrillo. I really do believe the company to be one of the best companies right now, and each year they bless us cigar smokers with great new releases. In terms of their limitadas, I would say this is probably my second favorite, and it was a great Connecticut Broadleaf cigar. It possessed a great strength level that was not too much for some smokers, and focused really on flavors. The flavors were not dark flavors, but rich and lively. I think this is another classic example of a great Connecticut Broadleaf, and a box worthy cigar. I will be interested to see others opinions on this cigar at my local B&M, and in the meanwhile keep suggesting it to every smoker that comes in. I give this smoke a solid 93 and look forward to enjoying them throughout their lifespan of availability.