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When I first read about this cigar I was very interested to see how it was, but I was more interested in knowing who Ramon Bueso was. I had never heard of him before in the industry, and when I saw that he has been in the industry since 1977 I figured he knew what was up. Mr. Bueso is actually a Honduran native, not Cuban, and began his work with tobacco when he began working on his grandmother’s tobacco farm in Honduras. His grandmother had one of the first tobacco farms in Honduras, and Ramon Bueso began working from the bottom up. As he moved onward with his work in the tobacco industry he began to work on the blends for Hoyo de Monterrey, Ecalibur, Punch and more with characters like Estelo Padron and Frank Llaneza at the famed Villazon Factory.

Since he began working with tobacco in 1977, he has never produced his first and own line until now. For all of these years he has been a low profile figure playing an important role in lines that have shaped this industry. While these smokes, Punch, Excalibur, Hoyo and more may not seem large now, they were huge when being created and fed the cigar industry. His new and first project, Genesis, is a cigar that has never been on the United States market, but was passed around to friends and as gifts throughout Honduras where the cigar is produced. Eventually the guys at Cigars International and were able to get their hands on the line for retail, and they have been moving incredibly well since then. It is not often you see Cigars International and putting limits on orders, but when they do it means that the cigar is great and in limited production.

Can you say maduro?

The line comes in four vitolas, and I grabbed the Toro offering. It is your standard 6″ by 50 toro, and is firm in hand. The blend in the filler consists of aged Honduran and Nicaraguan tobacco, and utilizes ligero, seco and viso. Above that is a Honduran binder from Jamastran, and is then finishes with a triple fermented Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. The wrapper to the cigar is simply beautiful, and it shows the great qualities that a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper can. It has a coloring that is almost purple like, and is like a raisin in coloring. The wrapper is very oily to touch, and shows some nice textures that is between smooth and slightly gritty. There are some veins present in the wrapper and it is simply a beautiful looking smoke. I am getting aromas of toast, roasted nuts, rich earth, spices and wood from the foot and wrapper, and I can not wait to smoke this cigar.


Lighting up the cigar it begins by showing tons of rich and powerful flavors. I am getting some bits of dark chocolate on the forefront, and it is showing some earthy notes along with that. There are bits of leather and oak here and there, and it is then finishes with some great Asian spices and licorice notes. It is a fairly dry smoke, and I originally was going to pair it with this Zinfandel that turned out to be a disaster. The strength level of the cigar is right at a solid medium body level, and it is not as strong as I would suspect with the flavor profile. The ash on the cigar is simply beautiful, and it is this light gray coloring and holding on firmly. It is slightly flaky, but showing no signs of falling off. I am getting a cool draw and lots of smoke with the cigar.


When I get into the second third the flavor profile is remaining fairly similar to the first third, but I am seeing a rise in coffee notes. The dark chocolate, earth and leather flavors are pairing wonderfully with those coffee bean notes, and it is showing that oak finish as a cigar. The spice and licorice notes are adding a nice complexity to the cigar on the finish and it rounds out the smoke. The strength level of the cigar is still at a solid medium body level, and it is a smooth and creamy smoke right now. There is a lot of smoke being produced with each draw, and the ash is still holding on firmly to the smoke and showing those light gray colors. Overall this is an entertaining cigar and while it is not overly complex it is enjoyable. It is showing some core Connecticut Broadleaf flavors, and it is being balanced with terrific filler tobacco.


I am in the final third of the cigar now and it is finishing as smoothly as it has been throughout. There is this creamy flavor profile emerging, and it is a creamy chocolate flavor  that is rich and sweet. That is being balanced with this natural dirt/earth flavor, and then topped with some oak and leather flavors. The licorice notes have faded some in this third, and I believe the spice flavors have as well. I am getting a razor sharp burn line with the smoke still, and it is producing that semi flaky light gray ash that is holding on firmly to the foot of the cigar. The strength is still at that medium body level from before, and the last draw to the cigar is flavorful and cool with lots of smoke being produced. A very tasty cigar to the end that has a dry and long finish.

This is a classic example of a hearty maduro, and a cigar that showcases its Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. It’s not overpowering in terms of strength, but offers a lot of strong and rich flavors. It has a pleasant blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran tobacco which offers a nice spice, woody and rich flavor profile. In terms of construction it is constructed wonderfully, and offers an even burn line and a great ash that held on to the end. It possessed this very light gray ash that I notice a lot on maduro cigars, and that is possibly the vast difference in coloring between the wrapper and ash. I have heard some people refer to this cigar in comparison with some popular Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper cigars on the market, but I find it to be different than most. I feel that it shows some La Flor qualities, but at the same time very unique. It is not nearly as strong as a Liga or La Flor, but not as sweet as a Connecticut Broadleaf from Pete Johnson. It is really a cigar in its own, and entertaining. I give this cigar an 87 and while it falls below my 90 rating requirement, I did have a lot of people interested in my opinions on it so I published them. Definitely a cigar you should try out, you may love it.

Genesis The Project Toro