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Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial Limited Edition

Last year Jaime Garcia and My Father Cigars released the first Limited Edition in the Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial line, and with their limited release they changed things up a bit. Out of the 16 cigars in the box, one of them was draped in a different wrapper than the others. Well as you can imagine, everyone wanted to smoke the Connecticut Shade version, and in order to do so (in most cases that is), you had to buy a box of the cigars. Well this year the company did the complete opposite, and gave the masses what they wanted; that is this time around anyways. The one difference with this years release is the amount of cigars produced. Instead of 3,700 boxes released they limited the number to 1,000.

Available in a single vitola, a gorgeous 6.5″ by 52 ring gauge toro, the 2012 Limited Edition Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial is as beautiful as the 2011 version. The cigar is draped with an amazing Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade grown wrapper, and with that has a Nicaraguan binder and fillers. The binder for this years release is Cuban seed, and is Pele de Oro tobacco. Pele de Oro is Spanish for “golden hair” and the tobacco is typically noted for being very strong, flavorful and sweet. Last year some of that tobacco was in the filler as well, but it is not specified this year. The cigar has a silky texture to it, and with that has an amazing golden brown, almost hay coloring. There are no veins present in the wrapper, and it is perfectly constructed. I am getting a wonderful aroma at the foot of hay, honey, wood and spices; and there is some caramel bits also.

Beautiful Wrapper

The cigar begins very light, and with that there are very few spices. I am picking up some hay notes, and with that there is some wood, nutty, toasty and cream notes. There are some soft spices present here and there, but it is nothing that major. It is very soft in terms of strength as well, and I would say that the strength level is right between mild and medium in body. Construction wise the cigar is smoking wonderfully, and it is leaving a nice gray ash on the cigar with tons of smoke. The burn line is practically even, and there is tons of light smoke produced. The cigar is really beginning wonderfully, and though it does not have that Pepin blast of spices at the forefront, it is more of a true lighter cigar in terms of strength and flavors.

Smoking Great

 I am in the second third of the cigar now and the flavors are still performing wonderfully. It is still fairly light in terms of the flavors and strength, but a taste morning smoke. Those flavors of hay, wood, toast, cream and nutty are still very prominent, but I am getting a few more spice notes in this third. They are still soft spice notes, but stronger than before. I am getting a great burn line with the cigar, still as great as the first third, and with that a nice charcoal gray ash. The strength level of the cigar is still at that level between mild and medium in body, and with that there is an abundance of thick smoke being produced.  

Still Smoking Great

In the final third of the cigar the flavors are really finishing the cigar wonderfully, and it is another great example of you wanting to smoke another one of the sticks when you are done with the first one. The toasty and nutty notes are a little bit more prominent in this third, and there is a nice finish of coffee and cream as well. I am still getting those lovely hay and wood notes as well, and to finish it off there is a nice soft spice finish. The cigar is burning cool throughout the final third, and it is producing that solid firm charcoal ash. Smoking between that mild and medium level to the end, the cigar finishes wonderfully and showcases a great Connecticut Shade cigar that is both flavorful and complex. You know when you can only have one you want more? I am not saying that is how it is with this cigar, because that is just cruel, but while this has smoked enjoyable the two times I have smoked it, it is not as great as I once remember. I felt that the smoke last year was a little bit stronger in terms of strength, and had a few more stronger flavors present as well, but this was still very enjoyable. If you are a cigar smoker who strives himself on smoking the best of the best, then this is your new morning smoke. I know some guys can start the day with a stronger cigar, but this cigar definitely has tons of flavors that are perfect for first thing in the morning. I am giving this cigar a solid 91, and think that these are cigars you could age, but perfect to smoke now.

A Great Toro