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CT. Broadleaf

Released at the 2012 IPCPR was the latest creation to the La Aurora 1903 Edition Preferidos. The cigar was the La Aurora Preferidos Diamond, and it caught many smokers eye right away. Everyone I spoke to said it was one of the best cigars they smoked at the show, and I was eager to try it. Of course I was delayed for a good period of time, but I am here now. What is great about the 1903 Edition/Preferidos line is the size the cigars come in. It is a beautiful preferido vitola, and is actually a true torpedo. We call it a double figurado, and it is a great cigar to see the influence the wrapper plays on the cigar. You begin getting a lot of wrapper tobacco, then more filler tobacco, then a return of the wrapper flavor profile. It is a difficult cigar to roll, and more importantly is beautiful to look at. img_2454
The cigar is beautiful in hand, and everything about it is terrific. The tubed packaging is gorgeous, the band on the cigar is amazing, and more importantly the cigar is spectacular. The preferido measures 5″ with a 54 ring gauge at the center, and is firm to touch. The wrapper is a very dark maduro, near Oscuro Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, and underneath that is a Dominican Maduro binder with all Dominican fillers. The cigar is smooth and slightly oily with few veins to touch, and has an aroma of earthy, spices, leather, tobacco and fruits. It possesses a hearty aroma and appearance and I look forward to smoking this cigar. The preferido is really a magical size, and it is a size that I would love to see more cigars in. I have always said that I want to see a Guillermo Leon Signature Series in a perferido format, and that was more for the eyes of Barry Stein. 🙂   

Great burn!

The cigar has a wonderful creamy beginning to it, and with that there is a great amount of cocoa flavors showing. I am getting bits of espresso beans with that, and it has a nice hazelnut quality to it as well. There are some toasty notes showing up with the cigar as well and it is very smooth in terms of flavors. I would say the strength overall in around a medium body level, maybe that is just me, and it is a cigar I could smoke anytime of day. The construction is perfect and it is producing a beautiful light charcoal colored ash with a perfect burn line. It is showing that lovely tapered ash and producing a great amount of smoke on a cool draw. When I get into the second third of the cigar the espresso bean and coffee flavor profile has faded some, but it is still showing those creamy, smooth and rich flavor profiles of chocolate. There are those hazelnut and toast qualities pairing with the cocoa, and it has a light spice finish that is very enjoyable. By this point the ring gauge has increased to the 54 mark, and I am getting more filler tobacco than wrapper tobacco. The burn line is still beautiful with this cigar and it is producing that perfect burn line with that light charcoal colored ash. I would say the strength level overall is still at a solid medium body level, and it is smooth and smoking very cool.

So tasty!

I am in the final third of the cigar now the flavors are returning to what they were in the first third. Basically it is delicious again! The espresso and coffee notes have returned and they are pairing with the lovely cocoa flavor profile that is very enjoyable. The toast and hazelnut notes are still present with the cigar, and they are adding this nutella like quality which is great on the finish. It is smooth and producing a great amount of smoke with each draw, and the final draw to the cigar is flavorful and cool at the tapered nub. Overall the strength level of the cigar never got above a medium body level, and it was a great example of a flavorful but not overly strong maduro.

This was a terrific cigar, and the best release from La Aurora since Guillermo Leon Signature Series. The flavors were simply delicious, and with the strength level I found I could smoke this anytime of day. It is definitely a cigar that I would keep for special occasions, and would share with only a handful of people. I think it is best the Connecticut Broadleaf I have had to date, and I believe Stace sent this to me to prove how great Connecticut Broadleaf wrappers are because he knows I am not a huge fan of them. 🙂 Simply amazing in every category this is hands down in the five best cigars I have smoked this year. I am giving this cigar a 95! It has everything I look for in a maduro, and comes in one of the best vitolas on the market.

Beautiful vitola

* One of the cigars for this assessment was provided to me by a friend by the name of Stace Berkland. The man behind Leaf and Grape. 

Just wanted to post a better view at the band. I think this is one of the best bands on the market right now.
Great packaging