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La Palina Classic

La Palina has become a bigger and bigger name each year, and this year they really threw a curve ball with one of their new lines. Since their cigars were first placed on shelves, the price point of them was on the higher end, and was a true premium cigar. They utilized companies like Graycliff in the Bahamas to craft The Family Series, a line dedicated to their history. Created a core line in El Diario, that was crafted for experience smokers and at a friendlier price. Then they teamed up with El Titan de Bronze to create the incredible Goldie, which is a limited and beautiful smoke. To follow that up, they had two new releases this year at the trade show. While they released one cigar this year, La Palina Maduro, that was on the same price range as El Diario; they created a new line that was meant to be enjoyed more often than El Diario, and still capture those La Palina flavors. That line was the La Palina Classic.

The Classic line is the only line of theirs made in the Dominican Republic, and they are a company that has cigars made all over the place. The cigar is made in the factory in which the Pinar Del Rio Cigars are made, and like their cigars utilizes tobacco from various countries. The cigar begins with a a gorgeous and light Brazilian Habano wrapper, and underneath that is an Ecuadorian binder. The fillers are Nicaraguan and Dominican, and this is a well diversified blend. The Robusto vitola which I am smoking measures 5″ with a 52 ring gauge, and is basically your standard robusto. The cigar is heavy in hand, and has a nice Natural Colorado colroing to it. There are some oils present to touch, and even some angel kisses, (water spots on wrapper). There are some small veins showing up to touch, and the cigar has an aroma of spices, wood, hay, toast and nuts.

Brazilian Habano

There is a nice beginning to the cigar, and it is very summer like. I am getting some definite hay and wood notes, and there is a nice bit of light spices and pronounced pepper present with that. Along with those notes I am getting some toasty and nutty flavors, and there is a faint bit of grass notes present as well. I am getting a near perfect burn line to the cigar, and it is showcasing a firm gray ash that is showing no signs of weakness. The draw is cool and flavorful, and I am getting a nice bit of smoke rings. I would say the strength of the cigar is right at a solid medium body level in this third, and its an everyday and anytime of day cigar. There is no doubt that this is an exceptionally prices cigar. In the second third of the cigar I begin to see a slight addition in the flavor profile, and it is now showing some honey and natural sweet notes. It is still mostly showing those nutty, woody and hay qualities with some spices and pepper present, but there is a little bit more complexity added it to it. I would say from a flavor aspect it is showing some great qualities for a cigar at this price point. In terms of construction the cigar is wonderful, and it is showing that near perfect burn line with a solid charcoal colored ash. The strength is remaining at that medium body level in my opinion, and I am getting a great amount of smoke with each draw. Once again, I can not reiterate how great this cigar is for the price point, and how solid it is as a cigar in general.


I am in the final third of the cigar now, and it is smoking very similar to the second third. Those nutty, woody, honey and sweet notes are dominant, and there is a nice bit of hay, grass and spice notes with that. I would say the finish is showing a little bit of pepper to it as well,  and it is producing a nice summery finish. The flavor profile is on the dryer side of things, and has been, but I show no preference for either. The burn line has remained practically perfect in the final third as well, and that ash of charcoal gray is holding on well. The strength level has remained at that solid medium body level throughout thus far, and it is remaining that way still. The cigar has showed some subtle complexities throughout, but is really a consistent flavor profile cigar that is very enjoyable and tasty. The cigar shows a cool draw down to the nub, and has a lovely finish 

I have mood swings with the La Palina Classic, and because of that this review has taken me a long time to get up. I believe the cigar is a solid smoke with great construction and lovely flavor profiles, but my issue with it is that it bears the name La Palina. I am trying to be careful how I word what I say, and my concerns are not with this smoke but how it affects the La Palina brand. I consider La Palina to be a high-class brand; a brand that produces high quality and unique cigars at a higher cost. El Diario was meant as a daily smoke, and was still at a higher price point than most daily smokes. With lines like The Family Series, Goldie, Maduro and El Diario, the Classic line almost brings down the name. Any other company and this would be a great addition, but since I look at La Palina at a higher standard, I feel the Classic is not complimentary for that name. It would be as if Brooks Brothers made a clothing line for Target. With that aside, the smoke is an enjoyable cigar, and very wallet friendly. The construction was top notch from beginning to end, and it had some enjoyable core flavors. I believe the line will move well because of the price range and many will enjoy it, as I do, but it just isn’t the La Palina that I have grown to know and love. I give the cigar a solid 89, and that has nothing to do with my thoughts on the smoke as being a part of the La Palina portfolio, but with its qualities as a cigar.

Classic Robusto

The cigars smoked for this assessment were sent to me by La Palina for review.