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Panama Black

So I am finally getting around to reviewing a cigar that I got in the mail the other day from Panama Caribbean Tobacco LLC, and I must say that this is one of the darkest wrappers I have seen on a cigar. As the name of the company emphasizes, they are based out of Panama, and use a lot of Panamanian tobacco in their cigars. Panamanian tobacco has been used for years now, and I have seen and enjoyed it very much in cigars by companies such as Gran Habano, Nestor Plasencia, Rocky Patel and others. I find the tobacco to be very rich and robust, and it definitely can add a lot of character to a cigar. This is the first cigar I have ever smoked from Panama Caribbean Tobacco LLC, and I am really looking forward to smoking this cigar. I love smoking cigars from all over and by so many because you never know what treat you may find.

This cigar, Panama Black Torpedo, appears exactly as it is named, black. The wrapper is obsidian in color and it definitely falls into the Oscuro coloring. It measures 6 ½”, and has a 52 ring gauge. The filler is all Panamanian, and is composed of a Nicaraguan binder and wrapper. It is made in Panama at the factory of Panama Caribbean Tobacco LLC, and is rolled well. It is a firm cigar with few veins present in the dark solid Nicaraguan wrapper. Because the wrapper is so dark, you can clearly see the difference between the filler tobacco and the wrapper; it is similar to the opposite of a candela cigar. The cigar possesses aromas of maneuver, rich and damp earth, barnyard, licorice and a hint of chocolate. I can tell already that the cigar is going to be rich and robust, so I light it up eagerly.

As I light up the cigar I am immediately greeted with robust flavors. There some definite anise/licorice notes present, and it is accompanied by some pepper as well. Along with some spices I am getting some bits of leather, damp wood, rich earth and a sweet cocoa/dark cherry flavor. It is a very enjoyable first third and the flavors are very pleasant. I would say the strength of the cigar is slightly above medium in body, but nothing to major and I am getting a nice burn line. It isn’t razor sharp, but it is almost even and leaving a nice gray ash. The cigar is producing thick clouds of smoke that is great for smoke rings, and so far this cigar is very enjoyable.  

Nicaraguan Maduro

I am in the second third of the cigar and this cigar is still going very well. I would say the flavor profile is similar to that of the first third, but very pleasing. The flavors of rich and damp earth, barnyard, leather, licorice, spice and cocoa are really playing off one another wonderfully, and have a nice balance as well. These flavors on their own might be nothing great but as a whole they add a nice bit of complexity and entertainment. I would say the cigar is still smoking at that medium strength level, and producing a great burn line with a nice solid ash. It is really a robust cigar so far, and it has a very long aftertaste which is enjoyable.

In the final third of this cigar and it is finishing very well. The spice and licorice flavors are still very present and enjoyable, and I would say in this third they are more dominating over others. The wood and earth notes are still very present, along with the cocoa and stone fruit, but they have become more subtle and less prominent. It is very pronounced in terms of the flavors that it is giving off, and it is a cigar that is right in your face. I would not say that the strength is very full, nothing more than medium, but very enjoyable and entertaining. I smoke the cigar down to the tapered nub, and even at the end it was burning cool, evenly and very flavorful. This was a very enjoyable cigar, and a great opportunity to really taste a lot of Panamanian tobacco.  

I am going to be honest with you; this cigar really threw me a curve ball. It was very rich and robust, and it is not that I thought it would be a poor cigar, but nothing of this caliber. It smoked so well throughout, produced a great amount of flavors and was overall a solid cigar. In a lot of ways it reminded me of a La Flor Dominican Ligero Oscuro Natural. It really possessed similar flavor profiles, and was very solid in terms of strength. I would say this cigar had strength levels around the medium body level, and even after smoking I could taste the powerful flavors from the cigar. It is definitely a cigar that you end the day with, and I would not smoke this first thing in the day. I wouldn’t smoke it first thing in the morning because of the strength, but merely because of the flavors that this cigar possesses. It is definitely a cigar that is going to stick to your palate for some time after smoking, and is a great cigar for after a steak dinner and a heavy red wine. I give this cigar between 87 and 88 points.          

Panama Black Torpedo

* Cigar for this assessment sent to me by Panama Caribbean Tobacco LLC for review.