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Recluse Draconian Sidewinders

Just recently Cigar Coop and I were given the news that Iconic Leaf Cigar Company would be releasing their second line under the Recluse name. The line is going to be called Draconian Sidewinders, and will be a very unique smoke. Like the Kanú, the cigars will be released in a size that has never been used before. Recluse was released last year and from the beginning the cigar impressed me. I smoked the Toro vitola countless times and when it came to releasing my Top 25 Cigars of 2012 I had no hesitation in putting the cigar in the list of great smoke. This smoke, the Draconian Sidewinders, should be a great follow up when it is released and I was honored that I was given a pre-release of the blend.

The Draconian Sidewinders will be the follow up to the first release, Recluse, and will be available in three unique sizes that have never been created. I don’t know the specifics for this size, but it is unimportant. Like all of the cigars made by Iconic Leaf, the cigar is made in the Dominican at Tabacalera Leyendas Cubanas, and this is a factory that really focuses on proper fermentation for their tobacco. The wrapper on the cigar is from Ecuador, and is classified as being Ecuadorian Maduro.Under that is a binder that is undisclosed in seed variety and location, but is proprietary tobacco. The filler is a blend of four different types of tobacco, and has some known and unknown tobacco in it. There is Piloto Cubano, Dominican, Brazilian Hybrid, and some tobacco called Iconic Leaf. This tobacco is grown exclusively for Tabacalera Leyendas Cubanas.

Ecuadorian Maduro

The cigar is simply gorgeous in appearance and there is not much to be said other than that. You can see the oils on the wrapper and when touching the smoke you can feel them on your finger tips. The cigar has a beautiful dark Colorado Maduro coloring and it shows some maduro qualities but nothing over the top in darkness. There are some veins throughout and so far the appearance is just phenomenal. It is slightly firm in hand and ready to be smoked. There is a wonderful aroma of oak, cedar, cocoa, dried fruit notes and some floral notes as well. The cigar is only a couple days old and will not be in this size when released, it will be a unique size, and not round but box pressed. I really can’t get over how gorgeous this cigar is.


Lighting up the cigar there is a great beginning in the flavor department, and I am getting some great barnyard and spicy notes. It has a rich flavor profile and it is very filling. There are some bread and fruity notes with that, and it is showing this nice fruit bread quality with the barnyard flavors making it even richer. It has a long and pleasant finish and I am digging this smoke. I would say the strength level on the cigar is at a medium full level, but it is not overpowering. The cigar is producing a nice charcoal colored ash and it is holding on to the foot pretty well. It is a nice burn line, not perfect, but with the amount of oils on this wrapper I am not surprised. Overall this is a great start to the smoke and and so different from the original Recluse. I am in the second third of the cigar now and it is increasing in complexity. There is a nice coffee and meaty flavor profile now added to the fruit bread flavor profile and it is very rich and filling. There is that terrific wood and spice flavor with the cigar as well and I am getting a nice coconut shaving finish that is not overly sweet but showing that great coconut flavor. The burn line is still solid with the cigar, and still affected slightly by the oily wrapper. I had to relight the cigar once in this third, but it was no real issue. I still had that lovely charcoal colored ash with the cigar, and it held on firmly. I would say the strength level of the cigar is still at that medium full level and it is solid smoke. I am very interested to see how the cigar will be when released in the actual format.


I am in the final third of the cigar now and it is incredibly rich now. There is a great amount of cocoa flavors showing up with rich barnyard flavors and it is a terrific smoke. The coffee notes are very enjoyable and pairing with those cocoa flavors making a cafe mocha like quality. I am getting those terrific leather and spice flavors with the cigar as well and it has a terrific finish. The cigar is still producing a strength level that is around medium full in body, and lots of smoke with each draw. The burn line is still solid and and producing that lovely charcoal colored ash that is remaining on the cigar firmly. As I smoke he cigar down to the nub it is still cool and has a nice rich finish that is very enjoyable.

I really enjoyed this cigar and I am looking forward to this smoke when it is released. I do not know the exact date of its release but I await eagerly. As I said before the cigar is not going to be released in this format, but the flavor profile will be similar and that is what counts. The construction was top notch with the cigar and the strength level was just terrific. I can’t say whether this was better than the Recluse because they are both very different, but I would say that I would gravitate towards this cigar more often than not. Overall this is a great follow up to the Recluse and I believe that it will do very well. I am giving this cigar a 92 and I think it is going to be better with age/rest after rolling and terrific in a box pressed offering. Pay attention to this cigar when it is released.

Love how the oils pop!

*cigar for this assessment was provided by Iconic Leaf Cigar Company