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When it comes to limited edition cigars I get excited and disappointed at the same time. My excitement stems from the fact that you are most likely going to experience a cigar that is just incredible. The manufacturers has gathered some amazing tobacco for the blend, and can really use tobacco that he might not have been able to use before because of its limited nature. The result is an incredible cigar most of the time, but with that comes limitations. I know that if I fall in love with a limited edition I am not going to be able to enjoy the cigar regularly so it results in me having to horde the cigars when I find them and get enough to enjoy now but plenty for years to come. That has been the case with the O.S.O.K. and that is the case with the new Namakubi Ecuador.


The Namakubi Ecuador is the newest creation from Matt Booth, and is a cigar that brings together a core line and a previous limited edition line. I know the cigar is a limited edition project, but I do not know the entire specifics on its limited nature. I have heard that production is limited to a total of 100,000 cigars. The cigar is packed in Namakubi boxes with the Namakubi band, but comes with an additional Ecuador band and Samurai packaging on the cigar. There are four lines in the lines; two identical to the original O.S.O.K. release, one a new figurado, and the infamous Papi Chulo. Three of the four sizes come in boxes of ten while the Papi Chulo comes in boxes of 50. I have photos of the cigar packaging below.

For this review I picked up the Filero vitola. The cigar measures 4.5″ with a 42 ring gauge at the foot and a 52 ring gauge at the end. There is a nipple on the end, but the main foot has a 52 ring gauge. The cigar has an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper with a Honduran Corojo binder. This wrapper and binder is identical to the wrapper and binder on the O.S.O.K. The filler is a mixture of Dominican and Honduran tobacco, and is the filler tobacco from the Namakubi. The cigar is a gorgeous figurado with a wrapper that shows some great Colorado Maduro coloring. It is smooth with only a few veins and not oily. There is an aroma on the cigar of musty wood, leather, earth and soft spices.

img_2881 The cigar has a great beginning flavor profile and I am getting some nice flavors from the filler tobacco predominantly. Wood, pepper, spices and leather seem to be the biggest flavors with the cigar, but it is balanced with floral, coffee and cocoa notes. I can definitely pick up the wrapper from the O.S.O.K.. with the cigar, but it really has that great Namakubi filler right now which is great. As the ring gauge diminishes slightly there is a rise in the coffee and cocoa flavors to the cigar, and I am seeing a nice rise in musty wood flavors. The strength of the cigar is at a solid full body level and it has a nice dry finish overall as a cigar. The burn line is fairly even though not perfect. It is producing a solid light gray color ash and it holds on to the cigar firmly. There is a nice cool draw to the cigar and it is a nice compilation between two great pieces of work. When I get into the second half of the cigar I am getting a lot more flavors from the wrapper of the cigar now and it is showing three flavors predominantly; musty wood, coffee, and cocoa. The pepper and spice flavors are still present in the cigar and it is considerably stronger in this half. I am getting bits of floral and leather flavors with the cigar still as well, but it is all about the wrapper right now. The strength level is still at that full body level as it was before, but seems stronger with the wrapper tobacco showing itself now much more than before. The burn line on the cigar is still very similar to what it was in the first half and that is slightly even with a solid charcoal colored ash that holds on firmly. The finish on the draw is very cool, always a great sign with a cigar in this format and the last draw on the tapered end shows some terrific floral, leather and wood flavors. img_2883 Knowing that this was a cigar that was comprised with the filler tobacco from the Namakubi and the wrapper and binder tobacco from the O.S.O.K. I had no problem picking up the flavor profiles from those cigars in this smoke. It had that boldness from the wrapper and binder that you found in the O.S.O.K., and was brought down and complexified with the filler blend from the Namakubi. I don’t want to say it is just an amped up Namakubi because it is more complex than that and the flavors from the O.S.O.K. really show their qualities in this cigar as well, but in reality is a whole new cigar. I really want to smoke this cigar in the Ranfla size because I think that will show the best qualities of the line, but the Filero was a great cigar as well. Expect some great complex flavors with some great strength levels as well. I am giving the cigar a 93 in this size and will be smoking as many of these as possible.