Seth's Humidor, In-Depth Cigar Reviews : Cigar Review: Wynwood Factory Fresh Corona Gorda (45 days later)

Factory Fresh Wynwood

On December 1st I reviewed a fresh arrival at Havana Phil’s, the Wynwood Factory Fresh. The cigar is a new release, and one of two bearing the Wynwood name. The concept behind the cigar was to package and ship off right away to retailers in the United States fresh-rolled cigars. The brains behind this concept were Christian Eiroa and Robert Caldwell. Christian as you well know was leading Camacho for years until he left the company and started all over again in the cigar industry with some serious knowledge. The cigars are meant to show some fresh flavors initially, and then age out over time to perfection. The first couple cigars I smoked were solid cigars, and I could tell just a week later that there was some major transitioning going on. I originally said I would come back in 30 days then 60, but instead I am here 45 days later. I am not going to lie and say I changed my mind, the truth of the matter is that I lost track of time.

The Wynwood Factory Fresh is a Honduran puro, but more importantly a Corojo puro. The smokes are all rolled in Miami, Florida at Tabacaleras Unidas, and it is this factory that produces Asylum, CLE and the other Wynwood smoke. The Factory Fresh smokes are packaged in boxes that were painted by local artists, and showcase a variety of illustration  The cigars for this particular review came from an awesome box. (photo below.) The Corona Gorda is your standard corona gorda, and measures 5.5″ with a 46 ring gauge. The cigar had a lovely aroma at the foot, and it showed some earthy and spicy aromas with bits of cedar and fruit notes. The construction of the cigar was identical to when I picked these up 45 days ago, and it showcased a toothy wrapper with some lovely light Colorado coloring. There were some veins to touch, and it was silky in texture.

Honduran Corojo

Lighting up the cigar it begins with a nice dry flavor profile. There is a nice bit cedar and oak right away, and it begins to show some leather, hay and toast notes. I am picking up faint nutty qualities, and there is a nice spice level with that. It has lost that green and bitter/sour flavor profile from when I originally smoked it, and it has shown some transitions in flavors for sure. I am still getting a great burn line with the cigar, nice and even, and it is producing a solid charcoal ash that is holding firmly on  to the cigar. I would say the strength level of the cigar is at a solid medium body level, and it tastes completely different from when I initially smoked this cigar. When I enter into the second third of the cigar there is a surge of flavors, and I am beginning to pick up some rich earthy and fruity notes. There is a lovely stone fruit flavor happening, and it is accompanied by some great berry notes. I am getting some cocoa powder flavors with that, and it is topped off with those dry leather, hay and toast notes from before. Overall this second third has been incredible, and it is in this third that I have seen a huge change in the cigar from before. The construction is still top notch, showing that razor sharp burn line, and the ash is still that charcoal color and holding on to the cigar firmly. The strength is a little over medium body in this third, close to medium full, and I am loving this smoke now.

Great burn

In the final third I find the flavor profile to soften in richness from the second third, and it is now showing some grassy and hay notes similar to the first third. It is not green, but it is not as rich and mature as it seemed in the second third. There were still some solid wood, toast and nut notes in this third, and I was getting some soft cocoa powder notes as well. There was still a hint of stone fruit flavors popping up in this third, but no where near the level in the second third. The ash was still razor sharp with the cigar, and it was producing a lovely burn line that was dark gray in coloring. The strength on the finish was right above medium in body, close to medium full, and it had a cool and flavorful finish.

The cigar has really gotten better in just 45 days, and I think it is going to be even better in another 45 days. There were a few days in between this that I smoked the cigar and picked up some greenness to it, but that has disappeared. The cigar is becoming more rich and earthy in its flavors as it matures, but it is also keeping those lovely summery dry flavors. I have to say the construction on these cigars is top notch, and it is really a great example of an aweomse Honduran puro. I am typically not a huge Honduran tobacco guy, but when you have great tobacco you have a great cigar. I originally gave this cigar an 89, and I would safely give this cigar a solid 91 right now. I still believe that with a little more rest this cigar will reach 93-94, and I believe with some aging we can see an incredible cigar, potentially above 95. This is turning out to be an awesome project by Wynwood, and I am on board with where they are going.

Nice packaging