July 2014


When it comes to the double corona, Habano knows what it’s doing. They can make a two plus hour smoke wonderful, and deliver everything that it needs to deliver from beginning to end. There are very few smokes in the United States that are true double coronas, and the ones that are there are no where near as good as these smokes. I think there is a reason for that, and there is no point in competing with Habanos S.A. When you think of double coronas by Habanos though, there are a few that come to mind and a few that are forgotten. Hoyo, Partagás and Ramón Allones are the most well known brands with double coronas, but one brand that does not get as much attention, and is a great brand that Catfish has brought back to my radar, is the Vegas Robaina brand. In circulation since 1997, this is a brand that for 17 years has had some winning smoked. Today I look at one of these Habanos, and look at a Habano that has seven years of age on it. The Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro.  

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