July 2015

 Possibly one of my favorite brands, Juan López is a brand that delivers a flavor profile that is sweet and spicy, balanced, and always complex. They can smoke great young,and with age they are awesome. The brand is limited to only three vitolas which is kind of disappointing, but those vitolas are simply incredible. Because of the brand being a Local Brand though, it qualified to be part of the regional edition program, and that is a total plus. Since 2006 the brand has had a regional edition released, but it is not a brand that has had a regional every year. In 2014 however the brand received two regional editions, both for Europe, and today I take a look at the release for Portugal. I have already touched on the one for Benelux. The Habano is called Juan López Chiado 1864, and the name Chiado comes from a particular square within the city of Lisbon, Portugal. 1864 marks the year that the Treaty of Lisbon was signed, thus marking the borders between Portugal and Spain. juan2bl25c325b3pez2bchiado2b18642bedici25c325b3n2bregional2bportugal2b252820142529

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