La Flor Dominicana Double Press

La Flor Dominicana Double Press

I smoke cigars often, and though I smoke full bodied cigars they do not often sneak up on me and really catch me off guard. I will tell you one thing though; La Flor Dominicana cigars always seem to have the strength that can get to me. Litto Gomez has become well known for making some incredibly flavorful smokes in the past years but those cigars have also had tons of power to them as well. I am not sure why it is but I can always feel the power inside Litto’s smokes. Good for him I say. The Double press by Litto is definitely one of those cigars and then some. There isn’t much information on this cigar on the company website but I do know that it is made up of Dominican fillers from Litto’s La Canela farm with a Dominican binder and an Ecuadorian wrapper. I am not sure if it a Sumatra or Habano leaf but it definitely has some spice to it. The cigar is incredibly pressed, hence the title of Double Press, and measures 6″ with a 52 ring gauge. The wrapper has no veins present and is rolled perfectly. The aroma on the cigar is of cedar, spices and leather. 

The cigar begins with tons of strength and some nice notes of cedar, pepper and leather. The flavors are present but not overly complex but the strength of the cigar is incredibly powerful. The cigar is burning very well and even producing lots of smoke. So far the cigar is not going the direction I would like it to go, but it is still early.  As I get into the second third of the cigar the flavors begin to increase showing some coffee and nutty characteristics, with lots of pepper and cedar still there. The power is still easily full and I think for one point half way through the cigar the flavor and strength are balanced. The cigar is burning very well still and the flavors are increasing but I feel that it is still lacking in some ways. For one thing, I feel that this cigar is lacking balance and depth, and is merely meant to be strong. I have entered the final third and the cigar and it is back to the beginning with lots of pepper and cedar and strong tobacco. I put the cigar down with about an inch left. 

I wasn’t able to finish this cigar because it wasn’t really giving off that much and I just felt it wasn’t worth the remaining time. I would give this cigar a rating of 86 and probably not recommend it to others. If you are a guy who likes strength in cigars and that is it then this would be perfect for you, but I just don’t see the flavor in it, and that is what it is important to me. I know a lot of people love full bodied cigars, and so do I, but I feel it is more important to have a flavorful and enjoyable cigar rather than just strength. I think if the blend was tweaked some and there was some tobacco put in with more flavor then strength this could be a great cigar. Sorry LFD but this is not your greatest achievement.  

Double Press