La Perla Habana Morado (Black Pearl) – Belicoso

La Perla Habana Morado

When I first saw the prices of La Perla Habana line on and Cigars International I was somewhat skeptical. I know that the Morado line received high points from Cigar Aficionado and was placed in their Top 25 in 2008 but was still not entirely convinced. Well this month I received one of their sticks in my monthly cigar club. The cigar was of course the Belicoso vitola in the Morado line and the same cigar that did well in 2008. The cigar has your typical torpedo measurement of 6.2” with a 52 ring gauge and has a wonderful dark toothy Cameroon wrapper. The filler in the cigar is entirely Nicaraguan with a Nicaraguan Habano binder. It is a firm cigar with no soft spots and has a sweet aroma with hints of spice and wood.

The cigar begins by showing lots of spicy characteristics to it but it is balanced with the sweetness from the Cameroon wrapper. Cameroon wrappers have a natural sweetness to them and have been very popular for years. I am typically not a huge Cameroon wrapper fan but I still find some cigars with that wrapper that are immaculate. As I get past the first inch and a half the cigar lightens in the spice department and notes of espresso and caramel begin to come forward and when paired with that natural sweetness it is heavenly. The second third begins to become somewhat stronger in body and the flavor profile changes again showing more leather and wood notes with a slight hint of spice. The final third of this cigar really wraps up the great experience bringing together all the flavors that have been present so far, it is very complex and the body is just perfect leaving you wanting another smoke. The cigar has a long finish that is somewhat dry and very pleasant. The cigar burned very well throughout the smoke and was nice all the way to the nub.

I really enjoyed this cigar and give it a 91. This is easily an everyday smoke for some and a good one at that. I won’t say that I will keep these in my humidor at all times but it is a really nice smoke. At no point does the cigar get dull and it is perfectly medium in body. If you are a Cameroon wrapper fan then this is a cigar for you. Balanced is a great word for this smoke and it packs tons of flavors in an enjoyable body. After the Modre line I am curious to see what the other lines are like.      

Black Pearl