Leon Jimenes – No. 2

Leon Jimenes No. 2

If you have had a cigar on the market since the 1970’s and you’re still making it, then people obviously enjoy it. The Leon Jimenes line has been on the market for that long, and most likely will be on the market for as many years to come. Covered in a beautiful Connecticut Shade wrapper this cigar is packed with tons of great Dominican tobacco for the filler and binder. This churchill is made by La Aurora in the Dominican Republic and is their oldest and one of their most reliable in weapons in their arsenal. I have found this cigar to be loved by so many and I have heard it is one of the top selling cigars in the United States. If I were thinking of a cigar to buy for a novice smoker who was looking to not spend more then a $100 on a box I would recommend this smoke. This is a very easy and enjoyable smoke that can be enjoyed by all. I picked up a 5 pack in a deal on Cigar.com and I am happy I did. I love La Aurora Cigars and I am ecstatic with some of their most recent releases and look forward to future releases. The churchill measures 7″ with a 47 ring gauge and has a beautiful bronzed silky Connecticut Shade wrapper. The aroma is of tobacco, coffee beans and cedar, and fits great in the hand. The second I light up this cigar I begin to pick up notes of cedar, toast and coffee and it has a smooth creamy finish. The draw is just perfect and the flavor is great. I am sitting out on my pergola drinking a Vinho Verde, which is a Portuguese white wine, and loving life. As I get further into the first third I begin to pick up some caramel notes along with tobacco and it is still beautiful. The ash has is perfect and standing strong on the cigar and I am loving this smoke. I am into the second third of the cigar, and second bottle of wine, and the flavors are still sublime and subtle. The coffee and caramel notes are stunning in this cigar and I am also beginning to pick up a hints of nuts on the finish as well. Even at this point the ash is still going strong on this cigar and I wish I had a camera to take a picture of it or my phone because I am trying to hold this to the end. I enter the final third, still sober, and the cedar and cream in the cigar are really at the forefront and it is absolutely divine. This is a perfect time right now because the cigar is great, the wine is great and the weather is just perfect. As I get to the last inch of the cigar the ash has finally fallen off and I am okay with it because this has been a great smoke. What a treat this cigar was and I am wondering why I don’t have more of them in my humidors. Actually, the reason I don’t have more of a lot of cigars in my humidors is because I would need my humidors. I am giving this cigar a solid 88 and looking forward to my next. I am trying to think about how to word this and it might come out poorly but this is really a great cigar for a novice smoker. I wouldn’t recommend it to an experience smoker but I do find it rather enjoyable. I would actually love to give this “blind” to another smoker and get their opinion. Most novice smokers pick up Macanudo’s, Montecristo’s or Romeo Y Julieta’s but forget those and grab one of these. I love curve balls from time to time and this one of those. Now I have to leave this review for the hockey game. Go Canucks!

Leon Jimenes