March 2011

Chateau de Villegeorge 2008

Layer Cake Shiraz 2009

Wines of the Weekend

Layer Cake Shiraz 2009

From South Australia, one the best Shiraz growing regions in the world, comes Layer Cake. Layer Cake Shiraz grapes are grown in the most diverse region of the area, the McLaren Vale, and all the grapes are 100% pure Shiraz. They make note that they never use American Oak but they do use 50% new French Oak. The wine has a wonderful color to it and is very a dark red almost purple. The aroma is of black plums, dark cherries, blackberries, mocha, tobacco, and chocolate. Before I even taste this wine it smells fabulous and I hope the taste meets up to its aroma and color.  

From the first sip, you are greeted with blackberries, spices, cedar, mocha, and so much more. This is a very full bodied and full flavored wine, very complex. I feel that this is a great Shiraz for the wine aficionado and the wine novices. I give this wine a 93, and I am glad I have two bottles of it on my wine rack. Layer Cake Wines makes more than Shiraz and with all their wines they focus on the more popular region of their wines. Their Cabs are from Napa, Malbec from Mendoza, and so on. This is a must try wine.

Layer Cake

Chateau De Villegeorge Bordeaux 2008

I have been digging some Bordeaux’s lately, they have always been great, but recently they have been my must grabs on the wine rack. This Bordeaux comes from the Haut-Médoc AOC region and the wine itself is 56% Cabernet Sauvignon and the Merlot is 44%. Bordeaux has a lot of regions, the Médoc region is probably the most well known, but the Haut-Médoc region is just north of it and similar in weather. The wine is medium full in body and has a beautiful garnet color to it. The aroma is of berries and wood with no spices present. 

The wine opens up with lots of berries and a little mocha and is very soft and dry. The wine is never harsh and though it leaves you wanting more sips, I did not believe it delivered as well as others. I give this wine a 89 and would look elsewhere for another Bordeaux.  

Chateau de Villegeorge