March 2014

Trinidad…a cigar fit for a king, diplomat, or political guest really.  I have to say, I was always intrigued by this brand, given the nature of them being given as gifts before they went into production.  It makes me wonder how much attention was put into these blends, as I am sure Mr. Castro had to have a hand in them.  Then again, I could be way off base, as I have no evidence to support my ideas.  Either way, it makes for an American fairy tale of sorts when trying to obtain a Trinidad Habanos.  The Trinidad Reyes  is a small 4×40 cigar that is absolutely the size I love.  While I have smoked several in the past, it was always in passing, never sitting down to examine what the cigar really was all about.  So I was rather excited when I got one from a guy named after a month, and Seth and I decided it would be a good cigar to do a show around, since so many folks seem to dig these little guys. 


Dry Draw: interesting spice here, cannot put my finger on it, leans to sweet side.

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