March 2015

In 2005, Habanos S.A. announced their regional edition program, It is a program to this day that offers some of the less known brands the opportunity to shine, and it also offers countries and regions across the globe to have some say in what they would like. The program has been ever changing and growing since it was initially launched, and to be honest, I have not had a lot of regionals from early on. When I really got into Habanos, I was more interested in the regular production and limited edition releases, that the regional program did not grab my attention. Some of that stemmed from what I was being told through fellow Habanos smokers, but as years went by I began to reach out to more regional releases. Today I look at one of the older regional editions, a Habanos that was launched in the program’s third year, and it is a release that is the first for a country and a brand. The brand is Vegas Robaina, and the country is Spain. Let’s take a look at the Vegas Robaina Maestros Edición Regional España and see how it smokes.

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