My Father – No. 1

My Father

There are some cigars with amazing stories and may I say that this is one of the best. The story begins with Jaime Garcia, Don Pepin’s son in Central America making and blending a new cigar. No one knows what the cigar is and who it is for but there they are working on this new blend. Jaime did not want his father knowing what he was working on but as most things happen new eventually leaks from the factory in Esteli to Miami where Don Pepin is. The cigar was currently being made without the permission of el jeffe. Of course Don Pepin goes down to the factory and asks his son what is going on and there is a lot of hush hush but eventually Don Pepin asks for three sizes of the blend and goes to smoke them. The following day Don Pepin asks what he is smoking and his son tells him that this cigar is being made in honor of him.

And so that is the history of the My Father line and nothing but success was to come. As great as the story goes it would not be as great if the cigar was not as good as it is. The cigar begins with Nicaraguan tobacco in the filler and a Nicaraguan binder as well. The cigar is covered with a habano wrapper from Ecuador that was grown by Oliva Tobacco Company. Now let us not confuse the Oliva Tobacco Company with Oliva Cigars because the two are complete separate, but the Oliva Tobacco Company has been involved with almost every cigar manufacturer as much as Nestor Plasencia. Since the success of this line their new factory in Esteli has taken on the name and so has the company.

The No. 1 rates as the third highest cigar of 2009 and has always done well by Cigar Aficionado. I think the size is great and the cigar is just amazing. The cigar measures 5.2″ with a 52 ring gauge and is constructed perfectly. The triple cap is gorgeous and there are no soft spots on the cigar as well. The factory limits only the best torcedores to work on this cigar and it truly shows. The wrapper is just beautiful and has an even red clay color to it. There are no veins present on the wrapper and it is just perfect to look at. The cigar has wonderful aromas of red pepper, leather and wood, and is just amazing.   The cigar begins with a powerful and elegant blast of red pepper and cream. It is medium-full in body but really has wonderful flavors and balance to it. The red pepper is definitely present but there is that cream on the finish that brings it down. After the first inch the cigar really opens up more showing lots of leather and coffee bean notes as well. The cigar is burning perfectly and producing wonderful amounts of smoke. As I enter into the second third of the cigar the flavors definitely grow more and more and I begin to pick up some dark cherry notes as well. The cigar is still smoking with full flavors and a full body and is just incredible. The burn is perfect and I am loving this cigar. The final third really brings back the flavors from the intro with lots of cream and red pepper but also tons of leather and coffee as well. There is this cedar flavor that is present throughout the whole smoke that increases in the final third. This was just an incredible smoke and absolutely enjoyable. There are very few cigars that really do well in every category and this cigar is one of them. I would give this cigar a 95 rating and I would give every one of these I have ever had that high of a rating. This is a cigar that really delivers all the time and that does not happen all the time with cigars. This is truly an amazing cigar that all cigar lovers will enjoy. I think this is one of the best cigars that is made in the My Father Factory and I even think it is better than the Limited Edition Series as well. I know that sounds crazy but I just love this cigar. This cigar has a great size to it, great flavors, perfect construction, great body and great in every other category as well. Pick this cigar up and you will not be disappointed. 

No. 1