My Room 101 LTD Conjura Edition 48*4

Room 101 LTD Conjura Edition

Room 101 Cigars are still pretty quiet in the cigar industry but are becoming larger every year. I find them very enjoyable and when I recommend them to people they are somewhat unsure of what I am talking about. The cigars are made in Honduras by Camacho Cigars and utilize a unique tobacco leaf for its wrapper. The cigar side of the company was founded by Matt Booth who started the Room 101 brand in 2003. The company encompasses cigars, jewelry and other luxurious offerings with an edge. The Conjura Edition, which is Spanish for conspiracy, utilizes a different wrapper from the original line and is more full in body while being box pressed. The wrapper on the cigar is from Honduras and is a special leaf called Semilla. The binder is Honduran with fillers from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.      The cigar is a very unique size and is almost a blend between a robusto and a petit corona. It measures 4″ and has a ring gauge of 48 with a toothy faded brown wrapper. I like this size for a cigar, I have never seen it before but it is very unique and enjoyable. Holding the wrapper and foot of the cigar up to my nose I pick up the wonderful aromas of leather, pepper, coffee and wood. Since this cigar is so short in length I decided once again to review it in halves. The first half of the cigar is very dark with lots of pepper and leather on the front and a finish of coffee and wood. The burn was impeccable and it had a great amount of smoke as well. A cigar that gives off a lot of smoke is usually a winner in my book and when a cigar is burning evenly there are no worries which is another reason for loving that smoke. The cigar is definitely full bodied and showcases some nice balance as well. When I entered the second half the cigar continued to show the full bodied flavors it had in the first half and was still paired with the wonderful balance as well. The leather flavors were present up front with hints of nuts and the cigar finished with spices of cinnamon and coffee. In the second half I had to relight the cigar once but it still was burning evenly and had a nice firm ash. This was a very enjoyable cigar and a very unique size. If you are looking for very full bodied cigars with rich complex flavors than this is your smoke. I find that this cigar is perfect for the winter time when it is cold outside or if I don’t have a lot of time to smoke. I would give this cigar a 92 and really find it worth anyone’s while. This cigar has tons of flavor and strength packed into such a small cigar. The only problem with this cigar is that it is not available at a lot of retailers.

Room 101 LTD Conjura Edition

Available at W. Curtis Draper