October 2011


What do you get when Rocky Patel asks you to make a cigar that is both flavorful and very full in strength? Oh yeah, and what do you do when he says that it needs to sell between five and six dollars? The answers is quite simple, Thunder by Nimish. If you are not aware of who Nimish is, his full name is Nimish Desai, and he is Rocky’s cousin and one of the top two guys for Rocky Patel Cigars along with Nish, Rocky’s brother. Thunder is one of the three new releases from Rocky Patel this year, and what a beast it is. I think Rocky really made his first really strong cigar when he made the 15th Anniversary, and this one topples that smoke. The cigar, like all of Rocky’s new smokes is made in Esteli, Nicaragua at Rocky’s new factory Tabacalera Villa Cuba S.A., which he co-owns with Amilcar Perez Castro. Amilcar Perez Castro worked for a long time with his father-in-law, Don Pepin Garcia, before going to make cigars with Rocky Patel, and since then I have loved Rocky’s production even more than before. …