Oliva Serie V – Double Robusto

Serie V

For four years the Serie V by the Oliva Cigar Co. has been an incredibly successful cigar, and I believe it will continue to grow in popularity as time goes on. Since its release it has received high ratings by critics, professional and amateur alike, and has even made it into the Top 25 by Cigar Aficionado for four consecutive years. Recently they released a sampler collection with two special edition vitolas inside that are phenomenal, but I want to focus on a core production vitola in the line, the Double Robusto. I love almost every vitola in the line but the Double Robusto is possibly tied for first and if not, definitely second. The cigar measures 5″ and has a ring gauge of 54. The entire line has larger ring gauges than I typically prefer but this line is probably the one exemption to my usual negative thoughts on large ring gauges. The cigar is a Nicaraguan puro and they stress the important of the Jalapa Valley ligero tobacco in it. The wrapper is very oily in the hand and has a wonderful aromas of leather, cedar, oak, dark spices and tobacco to it. The cigar is constructed beautifully with no faults in the wrapper and is very firm in hand. The wrapper has a nice reddish hue to it and is gorgeous to look at. As I light up the cigar it begin by showing lots of leather, nuts, wood and caramel flavors. The cigar is probably medium-full in body but it is so balanced and blended so well that it is not overwhelming. Further into the first third I begin to pick up a lot more spice notes and the cigar is burning perfectly well. I love these cigars because they are very aromatic, and they produce tons of thick smoke that is great for smoke rings. When I get into the second third the strength of the cigar definitely kicks up and the flavors become very heavy and dark as well. I am picking up lots of oak, spices, coffee, cocoa and leather. The cigar is still burning perfectly and is still showing incredible balance as well. I am in the final third now and the cigar has definitely increased in strength and I am now really feeling the strength from the tobacco. The flavors the cigar is giving off are very pleasant showing lots of tobacco, chocolate, leather and coffee notes. The finish is definitely long and has been very present throughout. The burn is still perfect at this point and remains great all the way to the end. This cigar gets a 93 in my book and is definitely one of the best non-Cuban robustos. First of all, this cigar is incredibly wallet friendly and much more than any other cigar that matches it in flavor and strength. I am a huge fan of Nicaraguan puros and more importantly cigars that are packed with great flavors, and this cigar is both of those. If you are a fan of full bodied cigars then this is a cigar for you, and if you have been smoking the Oliva Serie O or G for sometime and never had one of the Serie V smokes then you should do yourself a favor and pick one up. This is really one of my favorite cigars and will always be a cigar that I pick up. Great flavors, great strength and a great price!

Double Robusto