Oliva Serie V

img_0558 This has been one of my favorite cigars since 2008. I remember when it was first released and it was impossible to get them anywhere, and when you were able to get them, there would be one or two in a variation of vitolas. I have smoked all the vitolas and all are great, but the torpedo vitola is by far the best. Measuring 6″ with a ring gauge of 56, this cigar is thick and packed with flavors and power. Comprised of mostly ligero tobacco from the regions of Nicaragua it is covered with a dark sungrown Habano wrapper, that is grown in Nicaragua as well. This cigar is very balanced throughout and even. Though you can feel the power there, it doesn’t overpower you and you still got lots of flavor. This cigar is blended incredibly well, and because of that, they were able to make a cigar like this. One of my favorite things about this cigar are the flavors it encompasses. When smoking you will get a lot of dry flavors, notes of pepper, lots of spice, wood, and this constant leather flavor. It is a very well made smoke, and the flavors are very pleasant. It sounds silly to say it like this, but this cigar seems old and reminiscent of the past.   I think anyone who enjoys cigars will enjoy the V, whether you care for powerful cigars or not. They have made such a balanced and flavorful smoke that the powers are almost unknown. One great thing of this smoke, is that every year they release limited maduro version’s of the original in the torpedo format. Past years, I have not enjoyed them  but this recent release was a treat. On another note, they have a sampler that releases 2 new sizes, which are great, with the churchill, double robusto, and torpedo. If anything, try this out! I give this cigar a 93.

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