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Enjoying a Cohiba Siglo IV in Antigua
The notion of starting a cigar blog was given to me by my wife some time ago and I thought why not. I have been enjoying cigar for many years, and have been rating them for myself for about year before starting this site up. My first cigar was a Cuban H. Upmann Sir Winston and to this day the cigar is as great as I first remember it was. I will mostly be reviewing cigars, with some wine reviews thrown in there from time to time.

In regards to cigar news, I will not be touching on that subject. I feel that there are so many sources to find out the latest news in the cigar world out there that for me to write about it would be redundant. Don't get me wrong, I still keep up with those issues and am current to date on national and worldwide reports, but I won't waste to my time and yours talking about it.

I am here to give you my opinions on cigars so that if you are curious about a line or a brand you can know what you will possibly get out of that cigar or cigars. I try to only post reviews of cigars that are 90+ in point value, but once in a while you will see me talk about a cigar below that rating. If a cigar does not grab my attention in a positive manner though I am not going to post anything about it, the last thing you need to do is read a negative review. I don't see a purpose in bashing a cigar on the web for all to see.

What I am trying to do is review cigars that you as a consumer should buy! I want this site to be a tool that cigar smokers of all levels can use. We are all at different levels in terms of smoking cigars and we all have different palates. I want this site to be a compliment to those sites that cover so many cigar related issues from news to reviews. This is meant to be a very in-depth site, and I don't want to get spread too thin on several items. Along with writing reviews on this site I do freelance writing on reviews and articles for the Montecristo Social Club. Feel free if you have any cigar related questions to shoot it to me via email and I will post an answer or opinion.
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