Pinar Del Rio – Oscuro Liga Cubana No. 2 (Toro)

Oscuro Toro

So lately I have been reading more and more about Pinar Del Rio Cigars and I understand why. I have been sampling all their cigars on the market and I can tell you they are all delicious. The factory in which the cigars are made is quite small and run by three men, Abraham Flores and the Rodriguez brothers. The factory has been around for over 80 years but it is just recently that it has become independent. I am a huge fan of the PDR 1878 lines, but it is just recently that I have started enjoying their core line. The core line features four different wrappers giving the smoker a different experience with each line. For this review I am going to choose the Oscuro Liga Cubana No. 2. The cigar features filler tobacco from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic with a Criollo 98 binder from the Dominican Republic. The wrapper on this particular cigar is a Brazilian Bahia Oscuro. It is incredibly oily, dark and just gorgeous to look at. Moving the cigar in my fingers I can feel the oil on my fingertips and I am looking forward to the smoke. I chose the toro version which measures 6” with a 52 ring gauge.

The aroma of the cigar is very rich showcasing wonderful notes of chocolate, wood, leather, and spice. The first inch of the cigar is rather enjoyable giving off this unique dark chocolate and bacon flavor with lots of pepper and spices. So far the cigar is burning pretty even but not perfect. The second third of the cigar really increases in flavors with notes of heavy meat, dark spices, leather, and wet wood. The cigar at this point is still showing a decent burn but the smoke is going out occasionally and I have had to relight a couple times, possible because of all the oil on the cigar, but with the flavors this cigar has I have no other issues. I am in the final third now and the cigar is incredible with lots of dark coffee, earth, wood, leather and spice present. The burn has become better in this part and it is smoking beautifully. The cigar ends wonderfully with a nice rich medium-full body experience.

I would give this cigar an 89 rating and believe that it will be much better in a couple years. I would store this cigar at a lower humidity than the rest of your cigars and let it sit for some time. I don’t leave the humidity of my cigars that high anyways. I know most keep their cigars at 70% but I keep mine closer to 68%, and I leave my Cubans closer to 66%. For those looking for a rich cigar with amazing flavors that definitely has power to it, this is your cigar. In some ways this cigar reminded me a lot of the La Flor Dominicana L400 Oscuro Natural. 

Pinar Del Rio – Oscuro

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