Press Release: La Palina Announces the Third Goldie from the La Palina Collection: The Goldie Laguito Especial

La Palina has announced the third release to the Goldie Collection today and the cigar is The Goldie Laguito Especial. The cigar is not a true Laguito Especial (7.6″ with a 40 ring gauge) but measures 7″ with a 40 ring gauge. The cigar is slated to be released in May and October of this year, and like the Goldie No. 5, production is set at 2,500 boxes of ten.

Like all previous Goldie releases, the cigar will be made in Little Havana at El Titan de Bronze and rolled by Maria Sierra and Maria only. The factory is under the watchful eyes of Sandra Cobas and from what I have heard is a magnificent factory. Maria rolled cigars for 32 years at El Laguito, and learned from Eduardo Rivera Irizarri, as well as Avelino Lara, the creator of the legendary Cohiba blend. 

Like the Goldie No. 2 and Goldie No. 5, the Goldie is blended with only Medio Tiempo tobacco and features tobacco from the Dominican, Ecuador and Nicaragua. Goldie Drell Paley, the namesake of the brand, was the wife of Sam Paley, who founded La Palina in 1896.  This brand was created to celebrate the history, contributions and accomplishments of women in the cigar industry.