Puros Indios Reserva Maxima 2003

Reserva Maxima 2003

Every once in a great while you will see a box of cigars that is selling for a low price. Sometimes these cigars are a treat and sometimes not but you never know until you try one. Once cigar that is wallet friendly and that I have enjoyed over and over again is the Puros Indios Reserva Maxima 2003. The Reserva Maxima was released to celebrate 70 years of Rolando Reyes Sr. being in the cigar industry and the cigar has had mixed reviews, but in 2008 the company did something special. They released the line in three sizes that had been aging for five years since they were rolled in 2003. This special edition cigar became known as the “Anejado 2003″ and I have never heard many people go nuts over it. Since 2008 I have been enjoying this cigar and it has only gotten better every years it has been sitting. I have enjoyed the Presidente version along with the Robusto version and I am just now reviewing it. I decided to review the robusto size which measures 5” with a 50 ring gauge. The cigar is eight years old and is comprised of tobacco from multiple regions. The filler is a complex blend of tobacco from Brazil, Nicargua and the Dominican Republic with a Dominican binder. Above all that is a beautiful silky Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. The wrapper is not very golden but a very light brown that reminds me of my Cuban Cohiba’s and Partagas Serie D’s. The aroma of this cigar is heavenly and makes me think of being in the countryside on warm summer day. I pick up lots of grass and hay on the forefront and it closes with hints of cocoa and earth. The cigar shows notes of pepper, cedar and coffee in the beginning and as the cigar progresses more notes of nuts and leather begin to emerge. The cigar remains fairly consistent from that point on with occasional hints of herbs but nothing to dominant. I would give this cigar an 88 and definitely could smoke through a box of these fairly quickly. This is a great everyday smoke that will keep you entertained. I wouldn’t say this cigar is overly complex but  it definitely has a great amount of flavors for being an everyday smoke. This is a great smoke to get your day going and warm up the palate. I don’t smoke Puros Indios smokes a lot, in fact this is the only Puro Indios smoke I do but I know plenty of people who enjoy them often. Give this cigar a try and throw it into your rotation you don’t be disappointed. 

Puros Indios

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