How to decrease humidity in the Audew humidor?

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Seth Geise Staff asked 4 months ago

I have an Audew humidor with 150 cigars, and the humidity level is too high. I need to decrease this level. Is there a way to do it? Please help!

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Seth Geise Staff answered 4 months ago

The solution is straightforward: leave the humidor open for 24 hours, then close it tightly. The cigars will lose some humidity, and you can check the new level on the hygrometer. If it is still too high, repeat this procedure two or three times until you reach a safe level and then continue to maintain it as explained below. Another option available to decreased humidity levels quickly is to put a small fan where it blows strong air into the humidor or has an electric humidifier. You might need to repeat these steps two more times depending on how many cigars are in your humidors, but once they settle down at a stable 70% (~70RH), keep them at this level with the humidor closed for as long as you want.
These are all common methods to regulate humidity levels in a humidor, but remember that it is much easier to keep a high humidity level than to try and bring down a too-high level. One of the critical factors in maintaining acceptable levels is making sure no air escapes from the humidor. Make sure all hinges are tight and that there are no cracks or holes. If your humidors have a metal lining, it is imperative to seal it – with rubber, cork, or plastic strip. These materials work much better than regular tape for waterproofing and air-tightness. Regular tape will absorb water, become damp and moldy, and ruin your cigars.

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