Rocky Patel Decade (Toro)

Rocky Patel Decade – Toro

So last night was the grand opening of Havana Phil’s, and what a great time it was. There was food, drinks, cigars and of course Nish Patel. The event was lovely with excellent deals and great cigars. Throughout the evening I was smoking several of their newer smokes but it made me remember some of their cigars that have been around for sometime and I loved back then. I smoked some 15th Anniversaries, Decades, 1961’s and a new smoke was the Renaissance with the new Sumatra wrapper. I will review that later on but let me say it was a great smoke and possibly one of the best Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapped cigars I have had. Following the event I could not pass up reviewing a Rocky Patel Cigar and that is why I thought the Decade would be perfect. The Decade has been a smash hit for so long now, deservedly so, and I believe it is the cigar that really gave them credit in the industry. There were a lot of people who did not believe Rocky Patel could make it in the industry and I think after the Decade he proved them wrong. I have had every vitola in the Decade line and each one of them has unique traits but today I will be reviewing the toro vitola. The cigar measures 6 1/2″ with a 52 ring gauge and comes covered in a beautiful dark Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper. The cigar filler and binder are secret but I have heard and read from many that it has a Honduran binder with Nicaraguan fillers. The cigar is made in Honduras at Nestor Plasencia’s factory, El Paraiso Cigars.  The cigar has a wonderful aroma of dark cherries, coffee and pepper, with a wrapper that is absolutely stunning. It is vein free and has a beautiful dark brown color to it, just beautiful. The cigar begins with a blast of pepper but within a half inch it mellows out and becomes very creamy with notes of cherries, almonds, cedar and cocoa. This is an amazing first third of the cigar and if it continues this way I will be buying many more tomorrow. I am in the second third of the cigar now and the pepper flavors from the beginning have returned and there are also notes of wood and leather present. I would say the second third of this cigar is the strongest part and around full bodied while the rest of the cigar is closer to medium. Cream, that is the word that comes to mind in the final third of the cigar. Along with the cream I pick up a lot of dark cherries and nuts in the final third making the cigar finish incredibly smooth and complex, quite a treat. The burn on the cigar was dead on throughout the smoke with only a couple relights necessary throughout. This is definitely one of Rocky Patel’s best cigar, along with the 15th, and definitely the most complex. I was speaking with Nish the other day and he agreed saying that the Decade was more complex flavor wise while being medium in body and the 15th was a cigar that had lots of power with pleasant flavors throughout. I would give this cigar a 94 and think it the third best in the lineup following the Lonsdale and Torpedo, in that order. I am a big fan of the Decade and I have heard nothing but positive feedback on the cigar. This is a cigar that everyone will enjoy and I have even known a lot of guys who weren’t fans of Rocky’s smokes fall in love with his stuff after this cigar. What I am trying to say is that this is a cigar where you can buy a box of them and love every one of them and not be disappointed.

Decade Toro