Saint Luis Rey Serie A

img_0699 img_0697 The Saint Luis Rey Serie A is one of the forgotten Corona Gorda’s coming out of Cuba, more so than Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 1, and it is a shame. The cigar is great in all aspects, and I find it to always be a reliable smoke. Another great aspect of this cigar is that because it is not a cigar in high demand, it not as expensive as others. Construction wise, this cigar is made perfectly well. The triple cap is perfect and the wrapper has been placed perfectly, not stretched or in bad condition. There are no veins in this wrapper, and it has a beautiful chocolate brown color. When smoking this cigar, you can see how well it was made, the burn on it was always even and the ash held on strong. Flavor wise, the cigar isn’t overly complex, but has wonderful notes of leather, apricot, and some mild spice. It doesn’t change throughout with flavor, but remains rather pleasant and medium in body. The box I have of these is from 2008, and though it has improved since I smoked it last year, I truly think these will reach its peak in  a couple of years. I think that with some more age, the tobacco in this cigar will marry well with one another, and release more flavors.

Overall, this cigar is is made very well and the body and flavor of it are great, but it is overtime that you really begin to notice the greatness of it. Resting your cigars for a long time is hard for a lot of people, including myself, and because of that I don’t smoke these often or purchase them. If you are willing to put down a box or two of these and not smoke them for over five years than I would buy them, otherwise I would just get a couple of singles. I give this cigar a 91, and look forward to them in the future. Also in the Saint Luis Rey line is the Double Corona, which is an incredible smoke when it is made well, and in the top 10 coming out of Cuba. Try both if you can.