The Art of Ashing Cigar

You’ll find out how it’s created, what causes it, and, most important, what you can do to ensure you get the longest ash possible. Let’s go!

What is ash? Simply put, it’s the charred remains of the tobacco that has burned during the smoking process. And, like all things in life, there are good ashes… and… bad ashes. The best ashes are light gray or white… and… contain a few unburned tobacco particles. This makes them look almost like dust… which… many smokers find very appealing.

On the other hand, dark gray or black ashes are generally considered “dirty ash”… because… they tend to absorb more smoke and tar than white ash. And, of course, black ashes are also very hard to see on a smoke-stained smoker’s hand or the floor around the smoker’s feet. Smokers don’t like to walk around with dirty ash… so… it tends to collect where it doesn’t belong.

Does ash quality depend on a cigar?

The combustion of tobacco forms cigar ash. During combustion, the ash is formed due to the activity of the chemical compounds on the leaves of the tobacco plant. Often, the composition of tobacco determines the ash’s color and density.

When to ash a cigar


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