Toraño Exodus 1959 – 50 Years

I love how the picture came out on this one.

Looking over manufacturers that I have  review and have not I noticed that one in particular stood out, Toraño Cigars. Toraño Cigars has been making cigars for themselves and others for some time and have had some incredible blends. One of my favorite of their blends and possible in my Top 25 is their release from 2009, the Toraño Exodus 1959 – 50 Years. The cigar is meant to commemorate 50 years in exile from their home nation of Cuba. It is the third cigar in their lineup that bears the title Exodus and I think their finest. The cigar showcases a Brazilian Arpiaraca Sun-grown wrapper with a Honduran binder. The fillers are all Nicaraguan and come from Esteli and Pueblo Nuevo. Pueblo Nuevo is a remarkable area for tobacco and seems to be a resource that is not fully tapped into, or limited. The Toraño Family is quite incredible and I have met Charlie on several occasions and he was incredibly well spoken. I feel like Toraño Cigars has had a rebirth in recent years and is on the rise once again, and I truly hope so for them and passionate cigar smokers. I believe they make incredible blends that are very unique and complex. For this review I grabbed their robusto which measures 5″ with a 50 ring gauge. I have had Short Churchill and Box Pressed version as well and both are absolutely great, but I would probably reach for the robusto size most often. The cigar has a gorgeous dark and oily wrapper that has wonderful aromas of berries, chocolate, leather and spice.

Toraño Exodus 1959 – 50 Years

When you have a cigar made with tobacco from all of these great regions, it is no surprise that this cigar is going to be a flavor bomb. The cigar showcases wonderful flavors from the get go with a long pleasant finish. I am picking up some toasted wood notes with rich earth and a finish that is very reminiscent of a Zinfandel; it is very jammy and fruity. I have had many cigars that show fruit notes and similarities with wine but this is the one of the few cigars that has this distinct wine taste to it. In the second third of the cigar there is an emergence of nutty characters and it pairs nicely with the wood. I am also picking up some chocolaty sweetness and spice along with it. The cigar is burning incredibly even at this point with only one relight, which is my fault, and really a treat. Getting into the final third I am beginning to pick up hints of raisins, chocolate, spice and nuts, making me think of a candy bar. I smoked this baby all the way down to the nub and lit up the next one directly afterwards. Great smoke with tons of flavors.

50 Years Robusto

This is a cigar that I believe is incredibly now, will be great in two years and will be even better in many years after that. Medium in body with a great amount of rich flavors this cigar is deserving of a 94 rating. Those looking for an example to give others on rich medium body maduro cigar would be wise to recommend this. Available at a great price for a single cigar and/or box it is hard to turn down this cigar. I have about a ten of these in one my humidors and I have had them for about a year so I am looking forward to these in the near and distant future. One of the finest blends Toraño Cigars has put it out in sometime. 

If you have skimmed down here and not read anything else, read this. Go buy one of these cigars immediately. 

Available at, Cigars International, Empire Cigars, Milan Tobacco and W. Curtis Draper