Trinidad Robusto “T” (Cuban)

Trinidad Robusto “T”

Have you ever experienced something before that was just okay but not spectacular, and then sometime later on find it to be incredible? I am sure you have, we have all seen Jerry Maguire and experienced a rosé…well forget the rosé. Just recently I found myself lighting up a Trinidad Robusto “T” and after cutting I wondered why I was bothering. You see, I have never had one of these cigar really blow my mind but when I finished this smoke I felt like a Crusader that had been part of the sieges of Antioch. On the First Crusade the Crusaders took Antioch but directly after taking the city they had to defend it from another Seljuk Turk Army that was coming as an initial reinforcement. The Crusaders were stuck in the city for several weeks starving and then after a revelation they supposedly discovered the Holy Lance and charged out on the army and defeated the second Seljuk Turk Army. Well maybe that analogy is a little dramatic but I hope you get my point.

The Trinidad brand was released in 1969 with the Cohiba brand as a cigar made exclusively for diplomats and handed out only by Fidel Castro. There is some debate to my previous statement but I have yet to be proven wrong. Eventually in 1998 the line was launched for public consumption and consisted of only one size, the Fundadores, which was a lancero. As years went on the line expended and in 2009 the Robusto “T”  was launched. The cigar is your typical Cuban robusto measuring 4 7/8” with a 50 ring gauge and comes in a nice light milk chocolate colored wrapper. The Trinidad line comes with a pigtail cap and has a wonderful aroma of cream, woods and nuts. The aroma is fairly sweet and the pre-draw is perfect.

The cigar begins with very easy flavors showing hints of lemongrass, hay, wood and a sweet spicy cream note. The cigar had a somewhat uneven burn but with the wonderful flavor it did not matter. As I enter the second third the cigar shows more bread notes and is accompanied by the wood and creaminess from the first third. The cigar is probably medium in body at best but has a wonderful flavor to it. I know most people prefer cigars with more body over this but it is a great cigar that shows wonderful flavors with not being overpowering. Entering the final third the cigar becomes more complex than ever and shows lots of cinnamon and nutmeg notes that are accompanied by hints of wheat and cream. The cigar was burning well towards the middle part of the cigar and at no point got hot.

I find it very enjoyable that I have found a cigar that has thrown me a curveball because I nearly gave up on it sometime back. I would give this cigar a 93 and would probably have to have another to fully judge it properly. I have never had two cigars that are completely identical but when you get some that are bad and one that is great it is unfair to fully judge it because of a one time experience. I would definitely pick up some of these in the future and would probably start with a box of 12 but hopefully those 12 would prove my original theory wrong and want a larger box. Try and enjoy!       

Robusto “T'”